Stop Hate—Don’t Discriminate

#STANDAgainstDiscrimination: Leah Remini’s irresponsible and vitriolic A&E show spreads religious discrimination and hate for profit. To date, there have been more than 500 threats – including dozens of death threats – as well as acts of vandalism coinciding with the airing of her series. People suffer. Parishioners, their children, the Church, and officers of the Church all have been subjected to an unprecedented number of threats, ranging from passing discriminatory insults to extreme threats of violence that require the involvement of law enforcement. Those making the threats have in some cases specifically cited Leah Remini as their inspiration. Here are some of the heartbreaking personal stories from Scientologists who have been subjected to discrimination and vilification due to the hatred Leah Remini and her dishonest and untrustworthy A&E show have incited.

Scientologists Talk About How The Hateful Leah Remini A&E Show Has Hurt Them And Their Loved Ones

November 9, 2017

Is Yahoo News Fake News?

We are not fake. I’m a living, breathing, Southern California blogger, as are my co-religionists. We’ve been here, all along, quietly making the world a better place and contributing to YOUR welfare. Not surprisingly,... READ MORE

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