Upcoming 20/20 show about children in Scientology

If this was a story about Jews, Muslims, African-Americans, Mormons, Catholics, LGBT, etc., would you treat it the same way? 

January 4, 2017

President ABC News
47 West 66th Street,
New York, N.Y. 10023

Dear Mr. Goldston,

I am very concerned that another defamation of Scientology is coming down the road on ABC. This is very disappointing to me. I have always appreciated ABC News and considered that you were maintaining your integrity and resisting the trend towards tabloid gossip and slander.

I have been a Scientology practitioner for almost half a century so I am quite aware of what happens in Scientology. In the 1980s and 1990s I taught over 120 kids ages 6 to 10 a Children’s Communication Class using Scientology principles. Today, at a restaurant for lunch, a 40-something JPL robotics engineer sat down and the first thing that came out of his mouth with no prompting from me was “Thank you for doing the Children’s Communication Class with me when I was 7!” And proceeded to tell me his successes as a result of the class since then.

Here are a few of the things my students wrote at the end of the class. Some they dictated to us or their parents and some were in their own hands. I can give you copies of their testimonials if you would like. Spelling is theirs.

TALK BETTER: I’m not shy anymore.
This course is helping me with school, ect. This course was really a lot of fun!
It was fun. I was able and I am able to communicate easier. Its easier to understand people. I feel more comfortable with communicating.
I got less shy.
I got to be less shy and able to communicate better.
I learned how to communicate, how to acknowledge. I liked the class. I learned how not to be shy when I talked to people and I just like the class.
I can do everything better. And it was fun.
I loved helping!! And the people helped me.
I learned that you must acknowledge people when they talk to you because you have to let them know you heard them and that makes them feel better.
I was less shy. I can talk so I can be heard.
It helped me to look at people. It helped with my piano recital.
1. I did better.
2. I’m going to do school better.
3. Going to talk to people better. Not be shy.
4. Make more friends.
I improved on reading.
I can communicate to my teacher better. I can not get into so many fights. I can communicate better to people. Actually I feel like a grown up!
I don’t fight with _______ too much. I treat my little sister better. It keeps me away from fighting.
Although [name of friend] and I fight, its not as bad as before. He can face me better and no longer runs away when we argue. [The kid he got in fights with was another who did the class with him.]
There’s no question on how it improved my speaking. I hardly ever interrupt any more. … I had fun doing the course and that’s why I liked doing the course.
I lic mi mom. [I like my mom.] I can talk to someone. I have an easier time listening to people.
I like not being shy and being able to talk better. I can be there and not be bothered by everything anybody else is doing to me or around me. I am also able to acknowledge better to what everybody else is saying. I can talk better with other people.
I used the course in life. I liked the course very much.
I learned how to be there. It helped me on the play. It helped me to say my lines. It helped me face my teacher. Thank you very much.
Getting better at communication. I got better [at] being there and facing my teter [teacher.]
I am very happy.
I think I will be able to make more friends now. I already made more ! [Names 9 new friends.] I loved it.
I handled my shines [shyness.] It helps me so I don’t fight.
Can talk to my dad when he is watching TV.
I stopped being shy.
I got better at shyness.

Would you have liked to have what these children had when you were a kid? Would you like your children and grandchildren to have these abilities and knowledge? I will bet there are people at ABC who you would like to have these abilities right now. You have the potential to close the door on many children leading happier lives as children and as adults by airing lies. I believe you have a conscience and want children to be happy and probably grow up without some of the anxiety and depression that so many children and adults live with. It is up to you.

This is just a sampling. Whatever you were told about what these nasty Scientologists are doing should be verified by talking to some of the millions of satisfied Scientologists. I never had any of the 120+ kids or their parents have any complaints.

Just remember this. If this was a story about Jews, Muslims, African Americans, Mormons, Catholics, LGBT, etc., would you treat it the same way? We are newer than these other religions so some think they can get away with defaming us to sell tabloids and advertising. I believe you are more intelligent and ethical than the average tabloid reader and more sensitive to religious discrimination and propaganda. Do the right thing.

Rev. Joe Hochman
Granada Hills, Calif.

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