Fight for Honest Journalism

Have you seen an article or blog which spreads antireligious hate? Tell editors you won’t stand for religious discrimination. Make your voice heard.

SEND YOUR LETTER: Use the sample letter below to send an email or letter to an editor.


Dear Editor,

I write because the publication you lead has demonstrated a lack of respect for journalistic ethics and the religious freedom of your readers.

I am referring to the offensive, hateful rhetoric your editorial team recently published which marginalizes members of my religious community and, by extension, members of every religious community: [INSERT LINK OF ARTICLE IN QUESTION]. An attack on one religion is an attack on them all.

There is no place for hate in 2024. Not against Scientologists, not against Jews, not against Christians, Muslims or Sikhs, not against Blacks, Hispanics, Asians or indigenous peoples—not against any group.

Hate is hate. We stand together to denounce it.

Every member of your team has a duty to seek and report truth, minimize harm and operate with accountability per the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. They must also comply with the values of ethics and inclusion your publication claims to uphold.

Your bigoted coverage achieves the opposite.

We demand you cease this offensive, discriminatory and irresponsible journalism.

Stop spreading hate against religion.