False Experts

An expert is a person with comprehensive and authoritative knowledge resulting from specialized study and experience in a field or subject. He or she is qualified to provide an accurate, objective and professional opinion.

A false expert is someone who lacks credentials or meaningful experience in the subject. A false expert will advance theories and promote arguments that—without valid supporting research and documentation—are 1) inconsistent with the consensus in the literature of the field or subject; 2) no longer accepted and passé; or 3) biased, subjective and inconsistent with accepted and established requirements of scientific inquiry.

A handful of false experts have appeared in the field of religion with no interest in accuracy, objectivity or truth. These so-called “experts” are put forward and relied upon by antireligious groups to attempt to justify improper actions that interfere with the right to freedom of religion. These false experts flout scientific and credible academic opinion and instead seek to sell their services to the highest bidder, offering their biased, unscientific and unqualified “opinions.”

STAND spotlights these false experts by exposing them for the frauds they are.