Demand Advertisers Stop Funding Hate

Have you seen corporate advertisements appearing alongside hateful content? Tell companies not to pay for antireligious bigotry. Make your voice heard.

SEND YOUR LETTER: Use the sample letter below to send an email or letter to an advertiser.


Dear Advertiser,

I write to inform you that your company’s ads are funding hate, and to request you take immediate action.

I am referring to [INSERT NAME OF MEDIA OUTLET], with which you advertise. [INSERT NAME OF MEDIA OUTLET] has a history of spreading discriminatory, marginalizing rhetoric against my religious community and, by extension, members of every religious community. An attack on one religion is an attack on them all.

Such hate speech leads to violence. Your advertising is thus paying to endanger lives—the lives of your neighbors, customers and employees. It is a direct assault on the spirit of diversity and inclusion all should be embracing in these times, and a reflection of your company’s values—or lack thereof.

Now is the time to unite rather than divide. No group should be unfairly targeted with lies and hate. And no entity which engages in doing that targeting should have the support of companies like yours.

Please withdraw your ads now. I look forward to receiving confirmation that you have done so.