Leah Remini

Stop Hate—Don’t Discriminate
The irresponsible and vitriolic Leah Remini A&E show’s incitement of religious discrimination and hatred results in real, physical-world consequences. People suffer. Parishioners, their children, the Church, and officers of the Church experience those results directly ranging from passing discriminatory insults to extreme threats of violence that require the involvement of law enforcement. Read some of their heartbreaking personal stories below, of how the dishonest and untrustworthy Leah Remini A&E show has spread hate.
Game Show Network: Bigotry Is No Game
It’s time for the Game Show Network to show Leah Remini the door. Every other network or media outlet that Remini has touched has already done so.
As Ratings Crash, John Oliver “Fact-Checks” His Jokes With Bigot Leah Remini
When your fact-checker is Leah Remini, and your jokes are based on hate speech and lies, they disintegrate, just as Oliver said they would.
Leah Remini Admits Yashar Knows Nothing About Scientology 
The disgraced, jobless former writer knows nothing about the religion he spends his days obsessively attacking on social media.
Procter & Gamble: Invest in Anything but Leah Remini’s Hate
I’m asking that you please do the right thing and insist that your advertising is spent on literally any other show besides People Puzzler.
I’m Not a Scientologist. But Here’s Why I’ll Keep Fighting Anti-Scientology Hate.
Whatever comes, I will continue to fight for religious freedom.
“Animal Activist” Yashar Ali Promotes Animal Sadist on Twitter
Yashar Ali posted that he is “so glad” this animal sadist supports a fellow anti-Scientologist.
Kellogg’s: Stop Enabling Leah Remini’s Bigotry
Please stop enabling Leah Remini and her destructive behavior. Stop your sponsorship of the Game Show Network.
Leah Remini
In 2015, the Church of Scientology International issued the following statement about Leah Remini. Leah Remini has become what she once declared she never wanted to be known as: “this bitter ex-Scientologist.” As USA Today wrote, Ms.
A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing
I don’t know Leah. I didn’t know Leah. I have no interest in ever knowing Leah. But we share many connections, and friends, or rather I know many of her former friends. I say former because they have—as you may have suspected—cut ties with her. Now, let’s talk about friendship.