Game Show Network: Bigotry Is No Game

Do you like games?

I do. And so do my kids and my grandkids.

We like all kinds of games: sports, puzzles, word games, brain twisters. And we used to like watching games sometimes, on the Game Show Network.

We still like games. And we still watch them. But not on GSN.

Game Show Network

You see, recently the Game Show Network decided to hire Leah Remini, an antireligious bigot, to host one of their shows. Bizarre, right?

Remini is a washed-up sitcom actress who has spent the better part of the last decade trying to extract a living by encouraging others to share her hatred of all who practice the religion that expelled her, Scientology. I don’t know anyone who has any interest in watching her “host,” “perform,” or say much of anything.

Why does anyone think it is acceptable for a “family-friendly” network to feature a dedicated bigot? 

I’m especially not interested in having my grandchildren, or their friends, exposed to her particular brand of hate. Game shows are for relaxing, family fun. They shouldn’t enable or further hatred toward religious groups.

Why does anyone think that it is acceptable for a “family-friendly” network to feature a dedicated bigot whose consistent hate speech has resulted in violent and deadly attacks on innocents? What’s next? A game show “hosted” by a KKK leader? Neo-Nazi Jeopardy?

Remini’s particular brand of hate speech, coupled with her recent unrelenting support of rapist Paul Haggis, makes her unwatchable in any forum.

It’s time for the Game Show Network to show Leah Remini the door. Every other network or media outlet that Remini has touched has already done so. The simple truth is that antireligious bigotry should not be tolerated in civilized society.

Especially in the name of “fun.”

Laurie Bartilson
Always in search of wisdom and truth. I think for myself, and advise you to do the same.