So You Know All About Scientology?

Maybe you’ve read or heard “all about Scientology” in every gossip venue, social media bigot fest, and from “experts” who have taken isolated snippets and quotes out of context and repeated them to make Scientology sound kooky or outrageous.

Possibly you’ve heard reporters and internet parrots squawking the same lines over and over so they can feel smug and superior, without actually doing anything superior.

But one thing these types will never allow you to hear or see is actual Scientology.

For one thing, most of the people who “know all about Scientology” have never opened an actual Scientology book or even taken any of the very basic courses in the subject, although these are available to anyone. They simply take someone’s word for it, and then parrot what has been told to them, never looking for themselves.

If you’re still convinced that you “know all about Scientology,” let’s do a journalistic exercise.

Then there are the media corporations who make the bulk of their money from conflict. Since Scientology is still new to many, drama and conflict can be created using a tiny handful of disgruntled ex-members. And behind all that conflict are the commercial interests that see Scientology as a threat.

So, these types will never allow you to hear the thousands of completely sensible and useful quotes from L. Ron Hubbard, in context. They’ll never allow you to listen to the vast majority of Scientologists who are completely happy with their religion and whose lives have been improved by its study and practice.

But if you’re still convinced that you “know all about Scientology,” let’s do a journalistic exercise called “everything we know about you,” just for fun.

“You constantly defecate and urinate in your pants. You cannot take care of yourself and must be under constant care and supervision. You are physically uncoordinated and can barely walk. You cannot eat properly, or use a knife or fork and can only eat with your hands. You regularly have uncontrollable anger problems—screaming and crying. You can barely speak and cannot read or write and have never attended school.”

ALL OF THIS IS 100% FACTUAL... when you were two years of age. But, hey! Those are facts, right?

Just not all of them.

Quite a few have been left out.

And so it is that quite a few facts have been left out of “all you know about Scientology.” What you know is what you have been presented with. What you have been allowed to know. I’ll guarantee you that you have not read a Scientology book, have not tested it, and that you have never seen the Scientology Axioms or the Logics (you didn’t even know those existed) as well as many other basic principles of Scientology. You only “know” what you are allowed to know: a carefully constructed false image meant to scare you away.

But why?

The Church of Scientology has been relentless in exposing the frauds, abuse and damage caused by psychotropic drugs. It has been relentless in exposing the brutal and debilitating “treatments” of the psychiatric “profession,” whose members are the mainstreet dealers of Big Pharma. So the story of real Scientology must be muddled and obscured because, believe me, the philosophy and techniques of Scientology are a very real, existential threat to anyone seeking to dominate, manipulate, use, control and enslave. So, those interests must accuse Scientology of exactly what they themselves are doing. If they don’t, their jig will be up.

Truthfully, Scientology is more of an object lesson—only one example of the tons of carefully crafted B.S. that you, I, and “we” have to sort through in the various corporate-owned and special-interest-tilted media every day. And our only choice really is to question all of it, analyze it, and look for the possible missing pieces that have been carefully left out—especially when it comes to “everyone knows,” which is nearly always wrong, since what “everyone knows” is actually what “everyone” believes, and “belief” isn’t knowledge.

Knowledge consists of correct and workable answers that we can put to use in real life.

And that is exactly what Scientology is.