An Open Letter to the Media—Let’s Better the World

Dear People of the Platforms—Press and Podcasters, Broadcasters and Bloggers, Moguls and Mavens, Talking Heads and TikTokers, Columnists and Commentators.

We issue you an invitation and a challenge: Use your global platforms to spread hope and real solutions.

Take your megaphone and make it a vessel to uplift.

The Bible tells of a time when nations “shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.”

What if you got the jump on those nations? What if you shaped your microphones into instruments of hope and fashioned your screens into beacons of promise?

Think of what it would do for your bottom line!

Instead of sowing discord, you could bind us closer together.

And all at no cost to you.

Of course you want a better world—who doesn’t? Let us help you help the world.

The Church of Scientology, after extensive survey and study, has concluded what you may have already suspected: The world is confronted by its own deadly Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

They are Addiction, Immorality, Inequality and Despair.

Like a plague, they do not discriminate between rich and poor. They recognize no religion, bow to no political or national standard and never sleep or tire in their task.

Addiction can involve medical or street drugs, so-called “designer” drugs, or alcohol. The addict becomes less a person and more a slave to his addiction, as his heartbroken loved ones can attest.

Immorality is the death knell of any civilization. When the guilty snarl at justice and proudly flout the law—whether it be the law of the land or the laws of decency that apply person to person, family member to family member or neighbor to neighbor—the bonds that unite us as humans and as a culture fray and unravel.

Inequality is the most insidious of the four. Many times it begins with the casual, innocent-sounding but demeaning remark—often in jest—about a particular member of a minority group—race, religion, culture—or the group itself. Agreement spreads, then suspicion, then dread, then hate. Lies are told, trumpeted, believed. Then, the inevitable eruption into the slow or rapid genocide of innocents—culturally, physically or both. The spark lighting the flame is always the same: disrespect for the fundamental human rights of others.

Despair, dear Media, is the Horseman you are most familiar with. The unrelenting chaos, the daily pound-pound-pound of grim news from here, there and everywhere—flood, famine, disease, illiteracy, war—catastrophes both natural and man-made—these have their cumulative effect on humankind, an effect the media has had a key role in bringing about. A society trudging toward an uncertain fate with its head down, hopeless, grateful to survive just one more day.

But you can right the ship.

Of course you want a better world—who doesn’t? Let us help you help the world. Use your powerful platforms to broadcast solutions to the problems that plague individuals, no matter where they are, who they are or what they believe.

In keeping with religion’s mission to uplift and offer aid and hope to all people, our Church has launched a unique hub: Its purpose is to engage communities and direct them to real solutions. Our Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are simple, direct and suited to any platform—print, screen or radio. Go ahead and sample this one or this or this or this or this. All free. All yours.

Let’s better the world together. Let’s use your platforms to balance the chaos with solutions.

“Broadcast” originally meant “to fling or spread seeds over a wide area.” That’s right: “broadcast” meant to spread the seeds of life far and wide.

You can do that, Media. Spread life. Spread the hope of a future rather than a locked door trapping us in the present.

Avail yourself and others of these PSAs, these guideposts to bettering the world.

As Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “Our help is yours.”

Michael Leb
Michael was raised and educated in a loving Orthodox Jewish family, later discovering Scientology as a perfect complement to the poetry and majesty of Judaism.