Now they are raising their own children with the same basic certainty they found as young Scientologists: that people are inherently good, and that religious freedom makes the world a better place for everyone.
My first personal experience with dishonest media came when I was moving from one apartment to a new residence in the late 1960s, in my early days as a Scientologist.
Unethical behavior is actually the only thing that will guarantee that a person does not progress in Scientology.
When it comes up in conversation with someone that I’m a Scientologist, I usually say to the person: “…and you’re welcome to ask me anything you like about it.” People almost always take me up on the offer.
The philosophy of facing and handling life requires things like responsibility, courage, self-reliance, the ability to reason well, character, and many other characteristics considered desirable in the individual. The philosophy of avoiding and escaping involves the opposite: irresponsibility, fear, dependence, lack of resolve, emotional reaction, dishonesty.
I gave her a polite reply, but I realized she succeeded in making me feel slightly ashamed for asking her. I realized at that moment she was condemning me for my religion. She wanted me to know that it wasn’t ok that I was a Scientologist but it was perfectly acceptable for her to be a Christian.
That idea is especially ridiculous because, as a person studies and applies Scientology to more and more areas of life, their ability to think analytically and rationally and make positive decisions becomes easier and easier. The entire purpose of Scientology is to bring about everything that’s best and brightest and most capable in a person while getting rid of anything and everything that might be holding them back.
That date was June 14, 1965. Years before I was born and many years before I became a Scientologist, on that day Scientology was declared by its founder to be free of any political allegiance.
Being a mom is my very favorite job. Full disclosure: I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a mom. I love my work and did not know if I could balance work and parenthood. I wasn’t entirely sure if I would be “maternal” enough. But then my little surprise came along and changed everything.
Religious intolerance is an old story in humanity, nearly as old as religion itself. But tolerance is old too: Cyrus the Great, one of the founders of the Persian Empire back in 500 BC, built his empire on religious tolerance.