The Daily Miracles I’m Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those rare and precious times when an entire nation comes together and presses a purposeful pause on the normal day-to-day rhythms of life and gives people a moment to unite with family and friends to celebrate the things they’re most thankful for.

Photo by Vuk Saric/iStock via Getty Images

For some people this means celebrating a new job, a promotion, a stellar grade at school or a championship won. For others it can be as simple as the gratitude felt for a hot meal and a safe, warm place to sleep that night.

Quite simply: I am grateful to have found the tools and the answers that have made my life so much better.

I have lived a blessed and abundant life thanks to a very capable and loving family and all the resources I needed to feel safe and supported. And maybe as a consequence, I’ve taken the abundance for granted at times, often feeling dissatisfied with what I’ve achieved and fixating on the next target, the next mountain to climb, the next goal to tackle.

That’s one of the things Scientology has helped me with immeasurably: it’s given me the ability to be calmly, gratefully, quietly and joyfully in the moment. Anxieties, neuroses, worries and doubts that used to plague me have disappeared as I’ve studied and applied the truths I’ve learned in Scientology and, as a result, I’m able to really be present in my own life in a way that wasn’t possible for me before.

So this Thanksgiving, I’ll be enjoying delicious food and drink, the company of many of those I love most in the world, and (maybe most satisfyingly for me personally) I’ll really be able to be there moment to moment without having worries, fears or any nagging feelings that I should be somewhere else, doing something else, ruining one of the most wonderful days of the year.

Quite simply: I am grateful to have found the tools and the answers that have made my life so much better.

I am grateful for the friends and family and all those loved ones who give my life purpose and meaning—depth and balance.

I am grateful for the kind of abundance that allows me to look back on a year of “best ever” accomplishments with the same amount of joy and satisfaction as I feel looking forward to next year and the uncharted waters I’m plowing into.

And I am grateful for my church, its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and the the thousands of clergy and parishioners who devote themselves so steadfastly to the study and application of a religion that creates so many daily miracles in people’s lives around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who officially celebrate with us at this time of year—and to everyone around the world who finds opportunities to be thankful for all the joy, laughter, excitement and endless possibility that life has to offer. 

Wil Seabrook
Musician, writer, business owner, human rights advocate, aspiring Renaissance Man.