Leah Remini Admits Yashar Knows Nothing About Scientology 

On July 27, anti-Scientologist Leah Remini admitted in a tweet that “Yashar was never a Scientologist,” confirming that the disgraced, jobless former writer knows nothing about the religion he spends his days obsessively attacking on social media.

Yashar and Leah Remini

Notorious for his psychotic online rants and deadbeat lifestyle, Yashar Ali was just this month ordered by a court to forfeit all future income to cover the $232,769 he “borrowed” from Ariadne Getty and never paid back. As one Twitter user put it: “Low-character scum. Ali is a bad guy and ought to hide in shame.”

“He’s a deranged lying grifting psychopath.”

Ali, who describes himself as “obsessed with Scientology,” spends his days on Twitter stalking and harassing Scientologists, making comments such as “I am committed to the destruction of Scientology no matter what.”

Though committed to the “destruction” of a peaceful religion, Ali has made clear he has no commitment whatsoever to fulfilling his financial obligations. The debt collector pursuing Ali’s unpaid loan with Getty told the LA Times that Ali was “more difficult than average” to track down. According to court papers, he has no “known local bank accounts” or property. As Twitter users put it: “He’s a deranged lying grifting psychopath,” and “a deeply twisted, evil fraud who manipulates and abuses people until they’re of no further use to him.”

Many have suggested Ali is sleeping at fellow anti-Scientologist Leah Remini’s house and managing her social media accounts. In Ali’s words: “To put things in perspective, those of us who publicly battle Scientology make up such a small group that we all know each other.”

Ali has lost tens of thousands of followers on Twitter since being exposed in a Los Angeles Magazine profile as a toxic, exploitive personality who took advantage of women whose trust he gained.

Following is a selection of comments made by Twitter users about Ali’s anti-Scientology hate speech and parasitic lifestyle:

  • Now I remember why I blocked you. 
  • Thanks for reaffirming my decision to unfollow you. 
  • You’re an awful person. 
  • You sound absolutely crazy. Is there a conspiracy theory you DON’T believe in? 
  • This is really gross of you. 
  • You’re despicable for this. 
  • You’re an asshole. This tweet isn’t even in the universe of being marginally acceptable. What’s wrong with you?
  • STFU you just a hater. 
  • You ain’t nobody’s moral compass dude. Get over yourself. 
  • Aren’t you like a con artist? We don’t listen to people like you, go away! 
  • You sound crazy because you are. Leah too. 
  • Yashar needs to take another Twitter timeout. 
  • Let hate eat you alive you fraud loser. 
  • You probably should hope karma is not real.
  • Get a grip. 
  • I thought you were cancelled. 
  • What an awful person you are. 
  • Why are you like this? 
  • Wtf is wrong with you? I’m serious, like really, wtf is wrong with you? 
  • He went full blown wacko.
  • You should probably stay in hiding, Yashar.
  • Seriously? Do you expect people to take you seriously? 
  • Idiocy like this is why I’ve had you blocked since forever. 
  • You’re squatting in Leah Remini’s mansion aren’t you? 
  • Didn’t you refuse to leave someone’s house that you were crashing at? 
  • Are you well? 
  • Yo you’re nuts. 
  • This might be the most deranged tweet that I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something. 
  • One of the dumbest tweets and the biggest reach in the history of tweeting. 
  • Just so unnecessarily mean-spirited.
  • Ugh, this is so disrespectful. 
  • You’re encouraging others to spend their time “f—king with” people online. Do you have anything better to do?