Michael Rubin, IPC’s Funding of Religious Hate Is an Injustice

The money you made with your blood, sweat and tears—starting at the incredible age of 12—is, today, funding an injustice. Please give it another, very hard look.

July 31, 2018

Mr. Michael Rubin
Conshooken, PA 19428

Dear Mr. Rubin:

What you did for Meek Mill was incredible. You took on a broken system, a woman with a vendetta, and earned a win for the side of truth and freedom.

That’s what I’m interested in doing here.

You see, I, like you, am a freedom fighter, the kind of person who takes a stand against injustice, and what Leah Remini and her band of “victims” is doing is unjust—pure and simple.

My name is Bari Berger. I’m a New Yorker (transplanted to Los Angeles), a Jew, a writer, a graduate of Brown University and a Scientologist. And in the same way you were appalled at what happened to your friend, a great artist—and that it could happen in this country—I am appalled at what is happening to the media and “truth” here as well.

So while I respect you, your values, and what you’ve accomplished with your life tremendously, Leah Remini’s show, which your dollars are supporting, is shameful. It does not take a Scientologist to watch it and see how false, perverted and contrived it is. Those on her show are on her show because they did not have the honesty or integrity to face up to their misdeeds (wife-beating and embezzlement, to name a few), were expelled from the Church for their despicable behavior and are now making extra cash doing what they do best: lying.

But if her show were only shameful, only reality-show-level-scripted and very poor television, I probably wouldn’t be writing you this letter.

But her actions also incite hate which threatens lives.

I could tell you about the woman who—enraged by the false picture painted by the series—decided the best solution was to drive her car straight through the doors of our church in Austin, Texas, stopping just shy of the children’s nursery. Glass flying everywhere. Wrecked nerves. A major city center suddenly a dangerous place to exercise one’s freedom of religion in what country? America.

I could tell you about the children bullied on school playgrounds because of this “enlightened” show. Or the relationships being destroyed by it because the boyfriend, father or sister couldn’t use their own eyes and see the person in front of them but would rather believe a has-been actress with an axe to grind.

And I could tell you more, but you’re a busy man. And a smart one. And I think you get the point.

It’s that every religion—including (or especially) the one we have in common—has been attacked and misunderstood. Scientology is no different. And, in time, the tide begins to shift, and it becomes less and less “acceptable” to discriminate—to be the bigot.

It is a matter of which side of history, and which side of justice, you want to be on.

The money you made with your blood, sweat and tears—starting at the incredible age of 12—is, today, funding an injustice.

Please give it another, very hard look.


Bari Berger 
Los Angeles, Calif

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