From Hate to Tolerance
Recently, I saw the movie “Darkest Hour”, a film about Winston Churchill’s rise to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, on May 10, 1940 and the nearly overwhelming forces of Hitler’s Germany he confronted in the early years of WW II.
Jewish-American Heritage Month: A Reminder of the Blessing to Our Nation the Jewish People Have Been
The story of the Jewish people is the ultimate allegory for perseverance. With origins almost as old as history itself, the Jews, through millennia of privation and persecution yet endured and prevailed.
My Father’s Journey from Darkness to Love
My father was raised as an Orthodox Jew in the early part of the last century, in the same Southwest Washington, D.C., neighborhood that nurtured young Al Jolson.
Shoulder to Shoulder Panel Shows Us Why People of All Faiths Must Confront Islamophobia
“If someone’s going to hate on Muslims they’re also going to hate on Jews. We need to stick together. The more we stick together, the greater this union we call America is.”
Michael Rubin, IPC’s Funding of Religious Hate Is an Injustice
The money you made with your blood, sweat and tears—starting at the incredible age of 12—is, today, funding an injustice. Please give it another, very hard look.
Mr. Yellen, Do You Want Your Good Name Stained With Remini Hate?
I understand you are a contributor to IPC, the Intellectual Property Corporation. You may not be aware that one of the TV programs that benefits from the IPC is a show dedicated to religious persecution.
STANDing With the Freedom of Religion or Belief Movement
Freedom of Religion or Belief (#FORB) has just launched a campaign that says, “Believe it or not, it’s my right!” The effort aims at bringing together believers and non-believers to protect and defend every person’s right to freedom of religion or belief.