Leah Remini

It’s a Wonderful Life
Every Christmas I watch It’s a Wonderful Life with my family. It’s become a holiday tradition. Ninety-four percent of critics liked it on Rotten Tomatoes . The other 6 percent are miserable bastards.
Leah Remini and a Friender Bender
I was always looking for “my” religion. Since I was a little girl. My parents didn’t follow any one faith and allowed me to look for myself and I took full advantage of that. I studied different religions from Christianity to Buddhism .
Leah Remini Dies and Goes to… ?
“Wait!!” Remini shouted. “Not THAT! Anything but THAT!! I’ll take fire and brimstone instead! Please! Mercy!”
Leah Remini Is a Disgrace to Women of Valor Everywhere
Thank God for the women who heal and give us hope.
Leah Remini: The Anti-Humanitarian
What a far cry from the words and deeds of kindness and wisdom associated with decent human beings.
Leah Remini—the TV Personality Who Makes Disney’s Biggest Villains Look Like Tinkerbell!
Just like in any Disney movie, the villain always loses in the end, winding up with egg on his or her face. Visibly, this Leah character hasn’t yet understood that: to this day she has insisted on rehashing the same old “bad guy” role.
Leah Remini vs. Everyone: Welcome to the Dark Ages
A recent spate of hate-inspired fires in five Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls brings up a pointed question: Is Leah Remini an arsonist now, too? The past two seasons of Remini’s A&E-sponsored hate-fest coincided with hate crimes and vandalism directed at several Churches of Scientology, her targ
Leah Remini: Without Scientology “I Would Probably Be an Animal”
It’s an eye-opener to discover that Leah Remini’s “Premath” had an entirely different script. Before Remini unleashed a salvo of abuse and hatred against her former religion on her now dead-and-buried “Aftermath” show, she held the opposite position.
Leah Remini’s Love of Hate
Leah found something that she could do really well (hate) AND make a lot of money at the same time.
My Friend, the Jehovah’s Witness
He started bringing new people by and introducing them. I joked with him that he was training new people and I must be an easy touch. He said I was the only person on my street that would open the door for him.