religious bigotry

Hate Crimes in the U.S. Hit Another Peak in 2022, FBI Reports 
Of the hate crimes reported, 18.1 percent—over 2,000—were motivated by religious bias.
A Real Story A&E TV Doesn’t Want You to See
I run a website about Scientology and parenting. If you Google the terms “Scientology” and “parenting,” it’s the first thing that comes up. It’s pretty obvious to the laziest and most incompetent researcher possible.
Anti-Religious Hate Crimes Should Be No Smirking Matter for A&E, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder
An A&E series produced by Slauson Productions allowing avowed anti-Scientologists Leah Remini and Mike Rinder to smirk and strut their way through a maze of fiction and farce about Scientology has incited hundreds of hate messages and threats...
Aziz Ansari Hits the Mark in SNL Monologue
Aziz Ansari said something interesting on Saturday Night Live , and I laughed, because he’s freaking hilarious. And because, boy, do we need some satire right now. Maybe you’ve heard? There's a little bit of political unrest happening. And yes, Mr. Ansari made me laugh.
Get An Honest Day Job, Leah Remini
A&E has stooped to a new low with their religion-bashing show with Leah Remini .
Is Hate Speech Free Speech?
It is then up to the rest of us, the majority of people, the decent folk who choose to live in harmony with our fellow human beings, regardless of their creed, to stop the rhetoric from going any further.
It’s a Wonderful Life
Every Christmas I watch It’s a Wonderful Life with my family. It’s become a holiday tradition. Ninety-four percent of critics liked it on Rotten Tomatoes . The other 6 percent are miserable bastards.
Jews, Gays, Scientologists—Media Abuse and Bigotry
I am 34 years old. I was born and raised in Scientology. Both my parents worked for the Church of Scientology until very recently.
Religious Group “Charged” with Offering Donuts at Meeting
American Humanist Association slights Muslims and Scientologists, likening them to The Satanic Temple and asking parents to imagine a world in which these religious groups dared offer food at a gathering.
STAND Joins with Jewish Community to Declare: It’s Time to End the Bigotry  
I was saddened and outraged to learn of the depraved act of vandalism that left 170 Jewish gravestones toppled in Missouri’s Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery.