Religious Group “Charged” with Offering Donuts at Meeting

American Humanist Association slights Muslims and Scientologists, likening them to The Satanic Temple and asking parents to imagine a world in which these religious groups dared offer food at a gathering.

Joplin North Middle School is being attacked by the American Humanist Association for offering donuts at its weekly bible study meeting.

Joplin North Middle School is under fire from David Niose, legal director of the American Humanist Association. According to News Talk KZRG, a group against religion in schools is making a fuss about Joplin North Middle School “luring kids” to a weekly bible study before the school day begins. 

But for what? For offering donuts at its weekly bible study meeting.

“The entire effort seems to be a little bit covert in that the kids are lured into the meeting by an advertisement of free donuts,” said Niose to News Talk KZRG.

Definition of covert: “concealed, secret.”

Definition of advertisement: “the action of making generally known.”

So the effort is secret because it makes itself generally known?


And as for “luring” small children with donuts, maybe Niose has a higher respect than is warranted for the power of sweets to intoxicate mind, body and soul and suck any poor child down the “intolerable” path of faith.

But Niose goes further, following his above statement with this classy line:

“Suppose that a Muslim group or a Scientologist group or a Satanic temple group was doing this?”

One moment please—is Niose trying to frighten parents with the “threat” of Muslims (“of all people!”) holding weekly meetings and offering food? Exactly how ignorant is he? And Scientology probably made for a natural second because he has no idea what that religion is either.

Niose should think twice before broadcasting his private contempt for—and misunderstanding of—faith. And any media should think three times before quoting a speaker as uninformed as he.

Eva Band
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