A Real Story A&E TV Doesn’t Want You to See 

I run a website about Scientology and parenting. If you Google the terms “Scientology” and “parenting,” it’s the first thing that comes up. It’s pretty obvious to the laziest and most incompetent researcher possible. I have interviews from dozens of Scientologist parents of what it’s like not only growing up in a Scientology family, but also what we actually do, how it is children are introduced to Scientology and how it is we apply our own religion in the household.

Tad’s wife Kathryn, and daughter Savannah, exploring snow-covered trees after a storm.

But those producing A&E “unreality” TV shows probably never saw my site, as they don’t care about what Scientologists actually do. Let me put this in other terms so you can see just how vindictive and insidious their “docu-series” is:

What if someone were doing a “docu-series” on “Jewish family life,” but only talked to former Jews, particularly those who violated all the basic tenets and moral codes of their previous faith and who now made their living by selling “stories” to skinhead websites?

Can you imagine anyone in their right mind even implying that all Jews are “totally brainwashed”?

Or let’s say you decided to do a “docu-series” on “the real story of what working at Google is like.” But then you only talked to a handful of people who were all fired from Google for their incompetence or inability to coexist in the Google community. Suppose you had current Google employees and representatives who were lining up, eager to tell their story about what it’s like at the company, but you then label them all as “biased” and anyone telling a favorable story about work at Google as being “obviously brainwashed.”

That’s what A&E is doing to my religion—preying on the fact that it is a minority religion, largely unknown by the general public, and making sure it remains poorly understood by repeating lie after lie—lies easily disproven by even the most casual research.

I’ve been a Scientologist for over 30 years, raised in a Scientology family where my sister and I grew up understanding that being happy in life meant living life morally and responsibly. I took courses at my local church which taught me to be a better and more effective student, a better and more effective communicator, and how to be a more ethical and responsible member of society.

Through the daily practice of my religion, I work to ensure my own children grow up as independent thinkers, able to evaluate information for themselves—moral and ethical individuals of great personal integrity.

I will do everything in my power to ensure that they are not bullied, harassed and marginalized for their religious beliefs, or the religious background of their parents.

Enough of A&E giving a platform to people who specialize in untruthful revisionist history!

Tad Reeves
Tad Reeves is a Maine native, a Linux Systems Engineer, a father of 3 adorable munchkins, mountain biker, soccer player and outdoors lover, and writer and administrator of the Scientology Parent website (www.scientologyparent.com)