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Big Bigotry Goes Mainstream: Remini & Disney Attack Jehovah’s Witnesses
How exactly do you ask, in politically correct terms: “What religious group can we profit from the most by misrepresenting and stirring up hate?” “Can we get a lynching?”
False Reports: The Insidious Force at the Bottom of Hate & Violence Against Minorities
Each of us has a responsibility to demand facts and to refuse to forward malicious lies and unproven generalities. We have an even greater responsibility to point out the good that comes with the diversity of the human race.
I’m Turning 50 as a Scientologist. These Are My Reflections on Discrimination.
Hatred, misinformation and stupidity roam in a pack. They are often harbingers of violence.
Is “Tolerance” in Hollywood a Myth? Ask a Scientologist
Imagine you’re Hollywood. You’re not like everyone else. You’re passionate about your causes; about injustice and the relentless pace of climate change. You consider yourself tolerant. Liberal. Progressive, even. You oppose anti-Semitism in all its forms.
Leah Remini Exposed by Anti-Scientology Guru
If you won’t believe the Church of Scientology when it says Leah Remini is lying, perhaps you’ll believe Marty Rathbun, who has been attacking Scientology for years.
Leah Remini Stands by Convicted Rapist and Fellow Anti-Scientologist Paul Haggis
As Paul Haggis racks up $10 million in damages to victims, Leah Remini continues to stand by the convicted rapist. Leah Remini championed the fellow anti-Scientologist and convicted rapist both in the press and on the witness stand. “It is Paul who is the victim here,” she testified last week.
Media Reports “Scientology Wins Big” After Jury Shuts Down Anti-Scientologist & Rape Apologist Leah Remini
The newest media report on Leah Remini undermines her scheme, and once again exposes Remini and Rinder’s anti-Scientology campaign as a total failure.
More Than Scientologists Have Had Enough of Leah Remini’s Extremism & Hate
People are catching on to the fact that the real publicity stuntperson is that individual on the sidelines, complaining shrilly, discriminating abundantly, broadcasting her own intolerance, leveling her own bigotry and grinding her own axe while the hard work of helping others and keeping hope alive is being done by dedicated parishioners of the Church of Scientology.
More Twitter Followers Turn on Yashar Ali for His Rabid Hate
Twitter followers have demanded to know what is wrong with Ali, telling him to “relax,” “calm the f down,” “stop it,” and “get a grip.”
Paul Haggis, One of Anti-Scientologist Leah Remini’s “People,” Arrested for Aggravated Sexual Violence
After victim-shaming the four women who spoke out against his sexual violence, Leah Remini described Haggis as “truly a gentleman.”