What Is an Anti-Scientologist?  

Just for a moment, imagine yourself as an FBI criminal profiler interviewing a series of the most cruel, sadistic and savage serial criminals, murders, terrorists and rapists.

You listen to them as they calmly and blithely recount their acts of horror perpetrated on innocent victims for their own gratification. You sit there wondering how they can carry on a reasonable, lucid discussion with you, noting the whole time that they have absolutely no remorse or feelings of guilt about their own cruelty or the pain they have inflicted. No sense of responsibility. Their actions were completely justified. It was all the victim’s fault. The victim had no rights. And how they are much smarter than everyone else—despite the fact that they are sitting in prison for the rest of their lives. You’d probably walk away not only deeply disturbed, but completely exhausted from trying to make any sense at all out of this pure, deep, evil insanity, even while knowing you can’t.


Serial killers and rapists are only the very rare and extreme version of the Anti-Social Personality as discovered and described by L. Ron Hubbard during his research into the mind, spirit and life. Their extreme acts made them easier to detect, however there are much more subtle and quite legal ways to go about the destruction of lives, and Mr. Hubbard was able to catalog these anti-social traits—traits used to suppress and damage the vitality, health and sanity of the people unlucky enough to be in the vicinity of an Anti-Social Personality.

An Anti-Social Personality, for example, can be that one condo owner who uses the association rules to constantly harass his neighbors. Or that mean DMV employee. Or the “bad cop,” the prosecutor who frightens innocent people into pleading guilty, or that reporter whose life is dedicated to destroying people’s reputations. Or just the neighborhood “Karen.” They could be anyone from florists to college professors to presidents and you will know them by the chaos, confusion, failure, sadness and broken lives that surround them and follow in their wake.

You will become their enemy and their target for elimination. Interestingly, they nearly always accuse their enemies of what they themselves are actually up to.

After having studied and applied my knowledge of these traits for some years now, I want to relate my personal observation of how they manifest, especially regarding the anti-Scientology campaigns launched by this type specifically to frighten people away from the one body of knowledge which will teach others how to quickly detect them: Scientology.

Of all these traits, I find the most prominent is that they are always right about everything they think, say and do. I’ve personally come to find this is their BIG red flag.

Although it is a statistical and factual impossibility to be “always right,” this personality type asserts their chronically faultless, guiltless state with such a vehement, concrete certainty that it will instantly cause any listener to at least consider what they are saying as valid, no matter how crazy. They will arrange and embellish any and every fact, opinion and circumstance to construct a believable argument as to how they are right and how everyone who doesn’t agree with them or obey their dictates is wrong. And God help you if you introduce any fact to counter this assertion. You will become their enemy and their target for elimination. Interestingly, they nearly always accuse their enemies of what they themselves are actually up to.

Being “always right” means that such personalities are therefore “smarter and superior to” everyone else. This is one trait all Anti-Social Personalities share with serial killers, who nearly always profess a superior intelligence—and you will eventually hear every one of them claim how smart they are, either by asserting it directly, or by claiming how inferior, stupid, delusional, moronic or brainwashed anyone who doesn’t agree with them is.

If they are “always right,” of course, they can afford to speak in broad generalities. That’s why these are the people who will claim that ALL Jews or Muslims or Scientologists or Democrats or Republicans or Rastafarians or women or men or whatever are BAD—ALL of them BAD. “It’s all this,” “It’s all that,” “It’s everyone,” “Those people,” etc. They are simply incapable of thinking any other way. Even the words “sect” or “cult” are themselves broad, vague, ill-defined generalities intended to dehumanize entire groups.

Have you ever been part of a community, group or gathering where people are making a special effort not to upset someone? Making sure not to “get them going” or other similar efforts to avoid a rant, an argument or an emotional explosion by some person? Well that one person is controlling and intimidating everyone around them. The people around them are likely the cowed or ill associates or friends who inevitably surround that person and are behaving in a crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding. You fail to get through to them. You fail to get along with them. You fail to ever satisfy or please them, however hard you might try. Everything you do has something wrong with it. If you live with them, your efforts not to upset them end up restricting your communications, your movements, your actions, your thinking, your creativity and, ultimately, your success in life.

The people around them can become too scared or intimidated to even move.

This is the trait you will see consistently with individuals who rage against Scientology.

The effort to always be right and see everything as all one thing also results in such personalities habitually selecting the wrong target as they are unable to distinguish one thing or person from another. You’ll often see this in the corporate, military or political worlds, where one innocent after the next is scapegoated as the reason the business is failing or that things have gone bad. Anti-Social Personalities will look everywhere except at the right cause of things or themselves: their own conduct and actions. They are always right so it couldn’t possibly be them!

Being always right and unable to distinguish differences leads to the trait of freely confessing to the most alarming crimes and having a bad sense of property. “Rules are for fools.” Nothing they do can be wrong and no act is worse than another. If they want something, they are completely justified in taking it. If they want sex, they manipulate, intimidate, abuse or even rape. If they want someone gone, gossip, backbiting, lying, maligning and sometimes even murder is no big deal. It’s all the same to them. And since they are always right, well, of course it must be OK.

Always being right also means that the Anti-Social does not respond to treatment or reform. In their minds there is nothing to treat or reform! There is nothing to improve. They’re the only completely “right” people alive. This is the trait you will see consistently with individuals who rage against Scientology. You will NEVER hear a single one admit to having done anything wrong. It’s always someone else (and if they do pretend to admit to being wrong, it is only when doing so will make them appear right). They will claim that Scientology is a “scam” or this or that or doesn’t work, because it “didn’t work” on them. They went into it “perfect” and stayed “perfect,” so it obviously didn’t work since they didn’t get more perfect.

Everyone will manifest one or more anti-social traits at some time or another. But the difference is that the majority of Social Personalities will try to correct their behavior. The Anti-Social Personalities—who display a majority of these traits—will not.

Just about one out of five people have a majority of the anti-social traits. That’s a somewhat shocking statistic, yet one that unfortunately bears out in reality. And most of those 20 percent have learned to operate, undetected, either within the rules or to use the rules to their own advantage. But if you think that 20 people out of every hundred can’t make one helluva lot of noise and drama, think again. If you wonder what all the noise and drama is about Scientology, there you go. Anti-Social Personalities will always ascribe their own crimes to those whom they target as their enemies, and their enemies are anyone who even slightly suggests that they might possibly be wrong or need improvement.

Much as a terrified, wounded or dying animal will attack anyone who comes near, Mr. Hubbard points out: “The basic reason the Anti-Social Personality behaves as he or she does lies in a hidden terror of others. ... If anyone were to promise to make others stronger or brighter, the Anti-Social Personality suffers the utmost agony of personal danger.” So you will constantly hear Anti-Socials demeaning or harassing exceptional or highly successful people, either in the media or in normal conversation.

An Anti-Social might come into Scientology to bolster their appearance of being right or to cause trouble. The staff of the Church of Scientology does its best to turn these guys away at the door, but in our enthusiasm to help, a few slip through and end up creating nothing but havoc. Then, once they are detected and booted out, they will scream, howl, attack, slobber and foam at the mouth, spewing all of the sensational and unbelievable garbage which gets poured into public ears and eyes.

There may be fire where there is smoke, but the point of their fires is the “smoke.”

I personally started and continue in Scientology because I enjoy it. I find it beneficial, helpful, interesting and fun. I find the vast majority of Scientologists diverse, happy and interesting company, and find our churches are staffed with many bright, competent people.

Scientology is designed to promote improvement in all its forms and the happiness and enjoyment of life that brings. The Anti-Social needs people and organizations which are weak, crippled, slow and barely functioning. You can observe this in our modern pop culture where the ill and injured are frequently applauded and the strong, robust, dynamic and successful are vilified.

If the reality of Scientology were even close to the scary mythology that Anti-Social Personalities try to fashion, I and every Scientologist I know would be out of there like a shot.

The lies about Scientology propounded by those to whom truth is both an irrelevance and an inconvenience are just so much synthetic drama, created by a people who are a statistical and factual impossibility: Someone who is “always right.

I know good and well that I’m far from perfect, that I’m not always right and that there is plenty of room for improvement. I’ve found Scientology to be an efficient way to get that improvement. So, one can be frightened by a few bitter, unhappy people who help no one and improve nothing themselves—demeaning, screaming, ranting, dehumanizing—or, become better, brighter, stronger and happier.

It’s not exactly a tough choice.

Rodger Clark
Contractor, history buff, compulsive learner, currently in recovery from authoritarian education.