Rabid Bigot Leah Remini Feigns Affability as Damage Control for Destroyed Image

A rabid anti-Scientologist and champion of rapist Paul Haggis, Leah Remini’s support for bigotry and sexual assault has gotten her cancelled from every former platform.

Leah Remini

That appears to be why Remini has taken to social media in recent weeks to try to portray a “softer” side.

Remini is a self-described “horrible” person and “a monster.” 

In stark contrast with Remini’s forced friendliness in the form of posts like “Good morning!” and “What do you have planned for the weekend?” Remini is a self-described “horrible” person and “a monster” who teaches her daughter to “beat the crap out of” other children; stands by her testimony that rapist Paul Haggis is “a decent man” and “the victim here”; and describes members of a religion as “p—ssies” who are “pure f—king evil,” “not mentally sound,” do “not enjoy their lives,” “can’t think for themselves,” “don’t give a sh—t,” are “morally depleted” and have “done nothing good.”

Remini’s hate speech is so vile that advertisers from Verizon to General Motors fled from her anti-Scientology content, leaving her podcast entirely without sponsors shortly before it was cancelled in March of 2022.

Remini has since been unable to find a monetized forum for her bigotry.