STAND Warned The Real Leah Remini’s Hate Speech Leads to Violence. They Didn’t Care. 

When The Real posted on its website its planned interview with anti-Scientologist Leah Remini, STAND informed its executive producer, Rachel Miskowiec, The Real was supporting hate, endangering Scientologists, and making its hosts look like hypocrites. 

As a show “featuring four women of diverse cultures and backgrounds, The Real gives the appearance of promoting equity and inclusion, STAND wrote. “We are unclear, therefore, how you or anyone connected to The Real could justify featuring on this same show an individual whose sole activity is engaging in hate speech against Scientologists and the Scientology religion.

“The documented lies Leah Remini spreads have resulted in more than 600 threats and acts of violence against our Church’s members and staff—death threats very much included. Following the airing of an episode of Remini’s now-cancelled antireligious show, one individual sent an email to the Church which read: ‘You should all terminate yourselves. Or come to my neighborhood and let me do it for you.’

“You have confirmed you intend to provide a platform for hate and hate speech.”

“Are you comfortable with Scientologists receiving such threats after the airing of your show, on which you intend to irresponsibly showcase an individual who makes her living off of spreading bigotry against a global religion and its members?”

Ms. Miskowiec was additionally informed the podcast’s cohost is a woman abuser whose former wife suffers permanent nerve damage from his assault and that, to their handful of radical listeners, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder victim shame her. 

When Ms. Miskowiec failed to reply, STAND again wrote, “With your silence, you have confirmed you intend to provide a platform for hate and hate speech because The Real gives lip service to diversity, equity and inclusion, but the willingness stops there.”