Hate for Hire: The Yashar Ali Story

What kind of person seeks to be paid for fomenting hate?

What kind of person would sell themselves, their words, their time, to a buyer who needed someone to hate and, on that buyer’s behalf, proceed to attack another person, group or thing?

What kind of hired hater would believe that hate had value—that it was a commodity that could be packaged, measured and transported and would be worth buying if your local retail store sold it by the pound?

The answer is Yashar Ali, a degenerate deadbeat and evader of his personal responsibilities.

Yashar Ali

Ali is the kind of person who believes he can deceive others enough to sell them a stinking pile of vile lies. The kind who loathes freedom of thought and who believes that other human beings should be told what to think and made to accept it by any means necessary. The type who considers that people are only cannon fodder.

Unsurprisingly therefore, Ali seems to have recently sold himself and his “skill” in spawning hate to Leah Remini. Leah must have gotten tired of being the lone hater of all things Scientology, so, it appears she decided to farm out some of her hate-load.

That’s right. In the real world, Yashar Ali is persona non grata.

Now before you get the idea that Mr. Ali only hates Scientology, I would direct you to his Twitter account. There you will find him consistently pointing out things and people to hate. Laced into these destructive comments, he will have pictures of cute animals that have been somehow harmed or victimized, so that you come away with the idea that Ali “deeply cares.” But if you take all of his content in, you get a picture of his true persona: Ali puts forward that he “would give his life” for a baby chimp—but shows only disdain for people. Ali presents the world as a dangerous place where everyone is a victim, and he can show you who is at fault: “the enemy.”

That is how Ali markets his hate wares.

Ali types as if he walks through the halls of Congress or just returned from a personal appearance or interview—but none of the video or content other than his comments is actually his.

The truth is, Yashar Ali is in hiding. Far from being able to “report” on events, he can’t even venture out into the world like the rest of us normal citizens. He is hiding from bill collectors of various kinds. He has a court judgment against him for $230,000 for a loan he failed to repay. And according to a blog, IRS liens of over $80,000, as well as other bad debts waiting for him to resurface. Ali has no property—just a record of being kicked out of the home of at least one “friend” for being a grifter.

That’s right. In the real world, Yashar Ali is persona non grata.

As for his pet hate, Scientology, to my knowledge, Ali has never even met a Scientologist, never had interaction on a personal level with a parishioner or the Church of Scientology.

What is unknown is what kind of deal Ali may have cut with Leah Remini.

The casual reader might think Ali has intimate knowledge of Scientology. That is because he releases a constant stream of fake news, balderdash and propaganda about the religion—in the first person, as if it happened to him or he was there. He pretends astonishment at these “events” that never occurred and celebrates any damage anyone has done to the Church or its members. He also publishes lists of people he believes are Scientologists for his followers to hate or harass—as if Scientologists’ careers are dependent on this Twitter clown.

But Ali’s vile, anti-Scientology content is just a regurgitation of rants by individuals who have been thrown out of the Church for their lack of morals. So Ali isn’t even original in that. He just reposts—or cuts and pastes—other people’s hate, in true, hate-for-hire style.

Ali also prides himself on spreading unprovable innuendo from unnamed sources. In a classic Ali article with no evidence, he accuses another media personality of sending unwanted “dick pictures” to female employees. All of his sources are confidential, none of the pictures ever show up, none of the accusers ever come forward or sue in civil court. (I suspect this is just a business model for Ali—more hate for hire.)

How exactly does all of his hate pay Ali? It’s hard to say, but I have seen his price sheet. For $5.00 per month, you can subscribe to his Substack, where he publishes about four paragraphs of content every month or two. Ali also accepts straight contributions—after explaining how terribly hard he works. If you believe the numbers on his Twitter page are not “bots” (I don’t) he has attracted a fair amount of attention.

What is unknown is what kind of deal Ali may have cut with Leah Remini.

All of that is in the realm of Yashar Ali’s price for fomenting hate.

But what are Ali’s costs?

Well, no matter how much Ali’s hate pays, it is all going toward repaying his bad debt by court order. Though a deadbeat, Ali treats people as if he sees them as being below his status, so he refuses to honor his agreements, and Ali’s income will continue to be garnished for years to come, by court order.

But far worse, if you take the time to read Ali’s timeline, you find a very disturbed human being. Drug addiction—which he discusses as if it’s just a common feature in everyone’s life—being under the uncaring eye of a psychiatrist (who provides him drugs but never fast enough), isolation and misery.

Look at Yashar Ali’s timeline, and you will see the price of hate.

John Allender
Entrepenur, Dad, Scientologist, occasional basketball coach, researcher and a huge Far Side fan.