Deadbeat Anti-Scientologist Yashar Ali Dumped by His Own Lawyer

Self-confessed anti-Scientology bigot Yashar Ali has now been dumped by his own lawyer, Bryan Freedman, who filed a notice of motion to be relieved as Ali’s counsel this month.

Yashar Ali

In Freedman’s December 4 filing with Los Angeles County Superior Court, he stated that Ali “refuses to communicate” with his attorneys and that there had been “an irreconcilable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship.” 

On October 11, Ali publicly confirmed on Instagram that he is unemployed.

Freedman had been representing Ali in a case against LA Mag, which, the Daily Beast wrote, “published a lengthy piece portraying Ali as a debt-ridden, couch-surfing ‘grifter’ sponging off wealthy celebs.” 

Ali sued the publication for defamation in December 2021, but in May 2023, a judge ordered Ali to pay $39,710 for the magazine’s legal fees. That sum is in addition to the legal fees Ali is accountable to his former lawyer for and the ballooning debt Ali refuses to fulfill.

In July, Ali was ordered by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to forfeit all future income to cover the $232,769 he borrowed and never repaid Ariadne Getty, one of the multiple women Ali ingratiated himself to, then exploited, as detailed in LA Mag.

The debt collector pursuing Getty’s unpaid loan told the LA Times that Ali was “more difficult than average” to track down. According to court papers, Ali has no “known local bank accounts” or property.

On October 11, Ali publicly confirmed on Instagram that he is unemployed.

Given Ali’s employment status and his long record of avoiding paying back his creditors, it seems likely Freedman is yet another victim of Ali’s refusal to fulfill his obligations.

Ali, who describes himself as “obsessed with Scientology,” spends his days on X (Twitter) stalking and harassing Scientologists, making comments like: “I am committed to the destruction of Scientology no matter what.” His hate campaign has become increasingly frantic, rabid and over-the-top in recent months, prompting his followers to put distance between themselves and Ali.

Their comments include:

  • Low-character scum. Ali is a bad guy and ought to hide in shame.
  • You’re an awful person.
  • You sound absolutely crazy. Is there a conspiracy theory you DON’T believe in?
  • You’re an asshole. This tweet isn’t even in the universe of being marginally acceptable. What’s wrong with you?
  • You ain’t nobody’s moral compass dude. Get over yourself.
  • You’re squatting in Leah Remini’s mansion aren’t you?
  • Didn’t you refuse to leave someone’s house that you were crashing at?
  • You’re encouraging others to spend their time “f—king with” people online. Do you have anything better to do?
  • Let hate eat you alive you fraud loser.
  • I thought you were cancelled.