Business Post’s Catherine Healy Uses Anti-Scientologists to Disparage Prominent Drug Rehab

In a February 11 article in the Business Post, freelance journalist Catherine Healy turns to known anti-Scientologists to comment on an upcoming facility for the internationally acknowledged Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program supported by Scientologists.

Grand opening
The grand opening of the United Kingdom’s continental Narconon facility, at which dignitaries, professors and drug prevention professionals delivered congratulatory speeches

Business Post readers are misled by the characterization of John McGhee and Samantha Hicks as credible “observers.” They are both virulent anti-Scientologists:

  • John McGhee has an extensive record of trespassing on, defacing and vandalizing Churches of Scientology in addition to verbally and physically attacking and harassing individual Scientologists. One such assault earned McGhee a permanent injunction. McGhee has also posted on Facebook threatening to assassinate the Church’s ecclesiastical leader. 
  • Samantha Hicks belongs to two anti-Scientology online hate groups and has posted on social media calling Church humanitarian volunteers “scum.” Hicks has also promoted offensive digital imagery denigrating the Scientology cross and paralleling Nazi-era antisemitic cartoons of “greedy” Jews carrying bags of money.

Narconon is a drug-free withdrawal, detoxification and rehabilitation program that uses L. Ron Hubbard’s technology to help individuals recover from the devastation of drug addiction, a goal it has pursued for more than half a century, prompting more than 160 government agencies and organizations to partner with Narconon globally. Scientologists actively sponsor and support the establishment of Narconon centers worldwide.

STAND condemns Catherine Healy’s misuse of her journalistic platform to serve as a mouthpiece for known antireligious bigots and their hateful rhetoric.