More Twitter Followers Turn on Yashar Ali for His Rabid Hate

Yashar Ali has lost tens of thousands of followers on Twitter since being exposed in a Los Angeles Magazine profile as a toxic, exploitive personality who took advantage of successful women whose trust he gained. 

Yashar Ali
Yashar Ali

With former outlets distancing themselves from Ali, Twitter remains today his only platform and the primary conduit for his hate against the Scientology religion and its members. 

That hate has become increasingly frantic, rabid and over-the-top in recent months, prompting even his remaining followers to put distance between themselves and Ali.

As but one example Ali recently posted: “I am committed to the destruction of Scientology no matter what.” 

Describing his anti-Scientology rants as “pathetic,” “deranged,” “nonsense,” “insane,” “ridiculous,” “crockpot,” “irrational,” “troubling” and “extreme even for you,” Twitter followers have demanded to know what is wrong with Ali, telling him to “relax,” “calm the f down,” “stop it,” and “get a grip.” 

The anti-Scientology misinformation Ali promotes is so unhinged he has been asked whether he is on drugs.

One of Ali’s last remaining allies is anti-Scientologist Leah Remini.

Ali, who describes himself as “obsessed with Scientology,” a religion he admits to hating, has been attacking its members for nearly a decade. 

As but one example: “Maybe the real problem is that you’re a Scientologist,” he wrote, attacking an artist on Twitter in 2019. “What do you know? 

Since losing all sources of income in the summer of 2021, Ali has attempted to solicit financial support by encouraging any anti-Scientologists to express their understanding of the “importance of [his] work” by paying him to “investigate” the religion.

Ali’s “investigations” come exclusively in the form of hate speech:

  • In 2017, when a Scientologist was nominated for an Emmy award, Ali said it “would be a travesty” if she won. “She’s a Scientologist,” he provided as his reasoning. “I hope she doesn’t win the Emmy.”
  • In December 2020, when a father of three who runs a parenting blog took issue with disinformation Ali spread about his family and religion, Ali replied: “Seriously, f—k you. And f—k you for poisoning your kid’s minds.”
  • In 2021, Ali described that his goal with the Scientology religion was “to have the whole thing shut down.”

One of Ali’s last remaining allies is anti-Scientologist Leah Remini, whose hate podcast—from which all commercial advertisers fled earlier this year—Ali promotes as “amazing work” and “fabulous and informative.”

After being deplatformed for his repugnant behavior, some have speculated Ali is employed by Leah Remini to draft her anti-Scientology social media postings.