The True Story of Paul Haggis, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder


With a rape judgment now on his rap sheet, Paul Haggis is fully exposed by a court of law as the pathological liar and serial predator he has always been.

From the very beginning, the Church said Haggis is a self-centered fabulist who scripts his made-up version of reality while hiding his evil deeds. Yet for more than a decade the media continued to buy into the Haggis myth that he was somehow the wronged one even as his list of victims grew.

The Church knew Haggis’ lies would catch up to him. They now have.

Paul⁠ Haggis


HAGGIS SCRIPTED HIS FRAUDULENT EXIT FROM THE CHURCH that was nothing more than a naked publicity stunt. In 2008, Haggis was barely hanging onto the fringes of Scientology. He knew he had to get away from the Church because his unethical conduct already had him being exposed. So Haggis invented a story about California Proposition 8 in which he falsely claimed the Church took a position supporting efforts to ban same-sex marriage. The Church did not, and Haggis knew it.

Nonetheless, Haggis gleefully announced the fictional plot he had settled on with a handful of co-conspirators to orchestrate his “resignation” for maximum publicity by spreading that myth. His chief co-conspirator, Mark Rathbun, later admitted it was all a scam. And Rathbun supplied the evidence—an email authored by Haggis containing Haggis’ script.

Together, they worked out “the best way to get this story out,” starting with leaking it to an anti-Scientology blogger, Tony Ortega. The press gleefully ate up the fiction Haggis spun, played by a chronic liar. Their only interest in Haggis was Scientology. He used it. In fact, Haggis stated, and this was printed: “My bet is that, within two years, you’re going to read something about me in a scandal that looks like it has nothing to do with the church.”


FROM THAT POINT ON, EVERY TIME PAUL HAGGIS WAS CAUGHT ABUSING A WOMAN, he ran to the media to blame the Church. Of course, he had no evidence to back it—because there wasn’t any. Haggis knew irresponsible, prejudiced media would play along with his stories and, instead of holding Haggis accountable, would agree to look the other way.

Haggis knew he was a despicable sociopath who the Church had attempted to help, while he used Scientology only to further his connections in Hollywood. Truth is Haggis was an inactive Scientologist for more than 30 years until he orchestrated his disingenuous “departure” aimed solely at getting media attention.


HAGGIS’ LIST OF ABUSES IS LONG. He has no one but himself to blame. He was caught up in the Ashley Madison dating service scandal while married. Then a young woman accused him of raping her. Then three other women followed with more claims of rape and sexual assault. Then Haggis was arrested in Italy on rape allegations. Of course, in every instance, he blamed Scientology. It fits his long pattern of behavior. None of this surprised the Church, which knows firsthand Haggis is a liar, because he blatantly lied about the Church.


RATHER THAN ADMIT HIS CRIMES, HAGGIS STRATEGIZED WITH LEAH REMINI AND HER SIDEKICK, MIKE RINDER, how best to gaslight the women who accused him. Not a single one had ties to the Church. Haggis, Remini and Rinder all knew it.

Remini and Rinder posted an open letter published by The Hollywood Reporter victim-shaming Haggis’ four accusers. It stated: “Paul Haggis deserves, based on his record as a gentleman and humanitarian, to be judged when all the evidence has been taken under penalty of perjury in a court of law.”

—Open Letter from Leah Remini and Mike Rinder

In other words, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder view Paul Haggis as a “gentleman rapist.” They blamed the Church for everything he was being accused of by his victim. The Church’s response, quoted in that same article, has now been proven true.


ONE OF THE HAGGIS ACCUSERS, SAVAGED BY REMINI AND RINDER, felt compelled to respond with a rebuttal, in which she said Remini should be ashamed for gaslighting victims and for trying “to silence all of us and the entire #MeToo movement.”


FINALLY, AS REMINI AND RINDER URGED, HAGGIS DID HAVE HIS DAY IN COURT, “to be judged when all the evidence has been taken under penalty of perjury in a court of law.” That testimony very much included testimony by Remini and Rinder whose “stories,” after all these years, were likewise “judged” “in a court of law.”

Because the facts in his rape trial evidenced Haggis’ actions were indefensible, Haggis, his attorney, Remini and Rinder tried to sell the jury on the absurd myth that the Church was involved and responsible for the victims’ accusations.

At trial both Haggis and his attorneys admitted they had no proof. In fact, Haggis and his attorneys even stipulated there was no evidence to the baseless theory. And that the Plaintiff never had any connection to Scientology.

Yet Remini and Rinder went all in, as star witnesses, pushing all their chips to the table to claim, under oath, that the entire case must have been invented by the Church. This even after Remini and Rinder knew the women had testified they knew nothing about and had no connection to Scientology, not to mention Haggis’ stipulation to such as fact.

The jury saw through the phony allegations that the Church was behind Haggis’ case and rejected the Haggis, Remini and Rinder propaganda entirely.

It took the jurors only six hours to unanimously find Haggis liable for rape. The jury awarded $7.5 million in damages. And another $2.5 million to punish him. For a total of $10 million. The jury never bought the Haggis-Remini-Rinder fabricated Scientology story for even a minute.


THE QUESTION IS WHY THE MEDIA HAS BEEN SO GULLIBLE, at best, complicit at worst. Because it has been blatantly obvious the entire time that the fabrications of Haggis, Remini and Rinder are not backed up by any evidence. In fact, years ago, Remini was even asked if she ever “fact-checks” her sources for her failed cable tv show and rejected the concept entirely. As she explained, why should she? They are “her people!” Likewise, Haggis’ fabrications about the Church, beginning with his stage-managed departure from the Church, have been exposed for years—by his co-conspirator, no less. And yet despite all this, the Church has repeatedly been subjected to the fabrications of these proven liars, has repeatedly responded with the evidence—factual evidence—and yet the media barrels on still parroting the fabrications of these individuals in column inch after column inch (actually, feet after feet) of coverage.

The only answer—why the media has acted as publicist for a rapist and co-conspirator rapist-defenders is simple: Bigotry.

Definition: Obstinate or unreasonable attachment to a belief, opinion or faction, in particular prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

Oxford English Dictionary

Blinded by hate and bigotry, those who should have been holding them accountable for their lies instead agreed to give them a pass.


IT IS MANIFEST THAT THE STORY OF HAGGIS-THE-RAPIST is inseparable from co-conspirators Rinder and Remini. They have been joined at the hip for years. Haggis was the centerpiece of a fraudulent “profile,” based on a now-exposed Haggis-scripted and produced, stage-managed departure from the Church. Remini and Rinder have made a paid-for career as professional hatemongers, virtually their only source of income for the last 10 years, based on this “original sin” of Haggis. Remini and Rinder forwarded his story. Haggis appeared as a high-profile “guest” on their shows so they could spread his lies. The three patted each other on the back, corroborating the stories they invented.

Anybody could see this. Except for a bigot.

Leah Remini

In the words of Paul Haggis, who was speaking sanctimoniously of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein in 2017: “Although everyone thinks it is vile behavior, you have got to focus on those who may have colluded and protected him. For me, they are as guilty as he is and in some cases more so.”

“Although everyone thinks it is vile behavior, you have got to focus on those who may have colluded and protected him. For me, they are as guilty as he is and in some cases more so.”

— Paul Haggis

It’s the one true thing he said. He was speaking about people like Leah Remini who protected rapist Paul Haggis at all costs, even calling him “the victim” from the witness stand. According to Paul Haggis, Leah Remini is as guilty as he is—if not more so.

How is it that Remini is the only woman in Hollywood who supported and defended a rapist, Haggis, and who continues to do so, after the jury’s verdict, with her silence?

Remini is the ONLY woman in Hollywood who has publicly supported any predator during this MeToo movement and who was not in any way a witness to the alleged sexual abuse and/or rapes.

So, how and why is it that the media has given, up to this point in time, a virtual “free pass” for Remini’s vicious defense of Haggis, with absolutely no facts to support her defense, which savaged his accusers?

The answer is because Haggis is an anti-Scientologist.

But when it comes to Remini’s moral and ethical character, it apparently extends to Hollywood sexual predators in general. Case in point: She also embraces Les Moonves, years after he was exposed and disgraced, even embracing him publicly, photographing said embrace and posting it on social media.

Remini is unrepentant. Quite obviously her testimony as the “star witness” in the Haggis trial was rejected by the jury. Moreover, the testimony itself was no more than unhinged propaganda, albeit following the Haggis script. (That’s not surprising: Remini and Rinder no doubt worked with Haggis when he scriptwrote the entire, laughable story he testified to on the stand.)

Since Remini openly admitted she has no evidence of what happened with Haggis and his rape victim, then one would assume Remini would respect the jury’s decision—the verdict and judgment when he was “judged when all the evidence has been taken under penalty of perjury in a court of law.” But no, Remini is silent on the matter.

The real reason Remini won’t admit Haggis is a rapist is because it’s bad for business. Her entire livelihood derives from promoting hate toward her former religion. In her warped mind, if she’s not spreading hate about her former religion, nobody will pay attention to her.

Remini well knows that Scientology does not and never has countenanced sexual misconduct. In fact, she has personal knowledge and experience with the Church’s policy on such matters. She is aware of the Justice Codes of the Church which are unmistakably zero-tolerance on the subject. But even more, Remini herself was personally disciplined by the Church for her sexual misconduct. What she will not talk about is that she, years ago, joined Scientology’s religious order. Every new member of the order goes through a probationary where they must demonstrate high moral and ethical character. During this probational period, Remini herself engaged in sexual activities prohibited by the religious order and was found unfit. So desperate was she to join the religious order, she petitioned for an amnesty of such misdeeds. That petition was rejected as was she. (Her sexual misconduct did not vaguely reach the level of “rape.” And yet the fact Remini was found unfit for her transgression just further proves she is well aware the Church’s stance on sex abuse is the opposite of the lies she has been peddling.)

While in the Church, as a parishioner, Remini lauded Scientology and the positive effects it had on her life, on television and in other media, without any remuneration. But after she left, and no longer had the support that kept her momentarily sane enough to get a real job, suddenly the only paid career “path” she could get was to badmouth her former religion. Remini was nothing more than a celebutard. And so, from the day she left the Church, it was all about how Remini could monetize her association with Scientology. Remini did not all of a sudden “realize” Scientology is “terrible”; she began to be paid for saying Scientology is terrible. Remini used to be a successful sitcom actress on a hit show. She used to have a nice life. Then she betrayed everybody she knew. She bemoans what she has done to her friends and how she lost them. She misses them. She has lost a lot. Scientology is the only thing that kept her from being unhinged.

The Church tried to help her—repeatedly. Like Haggis, Remini is a troubled person who publicly stated that we were keeping her “monster” at bay. Since she left, she has proven nothing will hold her back.

Mike Rinder

Remini’s flunky, Mike Rinder, is an expelled former member who was removed from his position in the Church two decades ago for lying and gross malfeasance.

For the past 15 years, Rinder has made a living distorting, manipulating and fabricating “the truth” for anyone willing to pay him. He supports himself by orchestrating the harassment of his former Church and its parishioners—including his own mother, brother, sister, wife of 30 years and their two children—through false police reports, incendiary propaganda supplemented by fraudulent testimony, and media stories contradicted by facts, public documents and his own past statements.

It is a well-known fact that Rinder is an inveterate liar. Rinder offers to testify for anyone who will pay him money, just like he did in this Haggis trial. And just as in Haggis’ trial, Rinder’s testimony has repeatedly been rejected by the courts. For example:

  • A court in Florida struck a declaration of Rinder “because it contains hearsay and legal conclusions.”
  • A court in California rejected his testimony, finding “the declaration is filled with unsupported assumptions, foundational deficiencies, irrelevant matters, improper opinions, and arguments.”

Rinder also lied in his testimony about the family he destroyed: He abandoned them after 30 years, harassed his cancer-stricken son, physically assaulted his wife—injuring her for life—and emotionally abused and violated his elderly mother. To this day, Rinder lies about his family betrayal and abuse and he trolls and attacks his daughter, who personally experienced his violent assault on her mother. This evidence has repeatedly been given to the media who have repeatedly ignored it.

But, finally, Rinder was put to the test, “judged … in a court of law. The jury rejected his lies 10 million ways from Sunday.

Together, Remini and Rinder spew hate speech that has incited severe threats of and actual violence. Their response has been to applaud those violent threats and violent acts—even giving a platform on their TV show for criminals convicted for their violent crimes against the Church.

All along the media looked the other way, refusing to admit that Haggis, Remini and Rinder are liars. Now, finally, they have been exposed for all to see.

As for Haggis, his career was that of a professional storyteller—a screenwriter. And that’s why none of his tales about the Church ever had an ounce of evidence. Of course they didn’t. Just like none of his screenplays were based on any evidence. Why should they? Haggis invents stories for a living and writes fiction.

And now Haggis has been “judged when all the evidence was taken into account … in a court of law. His “evidence.” And the “evidence” of Remini and Rinder.

And so ruled the jury: It was all FICTION.