Leah Remini Admits Her Anti-Scientology Ranting Is “Nonsense and Bulls⁠—⁠t”

In a recent YouTube video with wife beater Mike Rinder, Leah Remini described her own anti-Scientology ranting as “my nonsense and bulls—t.”

Leah Remini
Leah Remini and Mike Rinder on a November 29 YouTube podcast. 

To those familiar with Remini, the admission comes as no surprise: Remini calls herself “a crappy, has-been actress who’s trying to make a dollar off my church” and proudly asserts that she doesn’t fact check her anti-Scientology claims.

“We have come after other people who have supported Scientology.” — Leah Remini

“I don’t want to be known as this bitter ex-Scientologist,” Remini told Buzzfeed, but the world has watched as she has become precisely—and only—that, a transformation that cost her her career, her reputation and every platform she once had.

There is only one reasonable conclusion: Leah Remini says what she says in an endless quest for attention and cash rather than the truth.

Remini’s anti-Scientology show was pulled from the air, after which Remini launched a hate podcast on iHeart. There, she spewed hours of her anti-Scientology “nonsense and bulls—t,” including describing the Scientology religion as “pure f—king evil” and referring to Scientologists as “robot[s],” “extremists,” “manipulators,” “p—ssies,” “horrible,” “hateful” and “a bunch of f—king like body snatchers” who are “selling your soul to the devil,” “not mentally sound,” “have zero compassion,” do “not enjoy their lives,” “can’t afford to feed their families,” “can’t think for themselves,” “don’t give a s—t,” are “morally depleted” and have “done nothing good.”

Remini has also asserted “Scientologists are so easy to attack,” has threatened to use the “information” she has “on all of you” and “your famil[ies]” to silence Scientologists and, to cap it off, proudly declares: “We have come after other people who have supported Scientology.”

Remini’s “nonsense and bulls—t” has had an ever-decreasing reach, with Remini now unemployed and the public thoroughly turned off to her toxic bigotry.