Media Reports “Scientology Wins Big” After Jury Shuts Down Anti-Scientologist & Rape Apologist Leah Remini

“The Church of Scientology scored a massive victory when disgraced director Paul Haggis lost his sensational civil trial for sexual assault,” the National Enquirer just reported, referencing the unanimous jury verdict this month finding Haggis liable for rape. 

National Enquirer coverage

Days prior, anti-Scientologists Leah Remini and Mike Rinder had taken to the stand to testify on Haggis’ behalf, saying “It’s absolutely Paul who is the victim here.”  The Enquirer article lays bare the damage Remini and Rinder did to their own reputations. 

Both Remini and Rinder testified in the hopes their anti-Scientology propaganda would persuade a jury that Haggis, a fellow anti-Scientologist, was innocent, despite having no knowledge of Haggis’ actions.

They failed. Paul Haggis was ordered to pay $10 million in damages, and his accusers—women Remini and Rinder had victim-shamed and called liars—were vindicated, as was the Church of Scientology. 

“Scientology… they come out vindicated,” read the Enquirer article.

The newest media report once again exposes Remini and Rinder’s anti-Scientology campaign as a total failure.

The Enquirer analyzed Remini and Rinder’s role in the Haggis trial and came to a series of conclusions that included:

  • “Leah Remini testified [Haggis] was avictim.’”
  • “The jury’s decision appears to be a towering rebuke… that has left Remini, Rinder and others who supported Haggis with egg on their faces.”
  • “Haggis’ apologists come off looking very badly at the end of the day. They made all these wild accusations and covered up, it turns out, for a predator.”
  • “Scientology wins big.”

Since Leah Remini and Mike Rinder were expelled from the Church of Scientology a decade ago, both have executed a hate and harassment campaign against Scientologists. Each spewed hate speech on their now-cancelled anti-Scientology podcast, which was abandoned by every commercial advertiser before moving to a small UK-based platform, then shutting down completely. Their hate and disinformation has brought about hundreds of threats and acts of violence against Scientologists.

Within hours of the Haggis verdict coming out, Remini sought to deflect attention and distract the public from the fact that she had just supported a convicted rapist on the stand. She took to social media to harass the LAPD about a false police report she had filed 10 years ago—a false report the LAPD dismissed as “unfounded” the day it was filed. A decade later, Remini nevertheless recycled the same lie on Twitter, requiring the LAPD to issue a press release exposing her desperate stunt for the second time.

The newest media report on Leah Remini undermines her scheme, and once again exposes Remini and Rinder’s anti-Scientology campaign as a total failure.