Hillary Kelly Should Maybe Talk To Someone
Possibly there should have been a separate back entrance to the Whole Foods, labeled “Scientologists Only.” Possibly, too, separate bathrooms, separate water fountains, separate schools, separate neighborhoods to prevent them from polluting our pure non-Scientology selves. Someone call the manager!
House Passes Anti-Bigotry Resolution
No matter what the politics were behind it, no matter what backroom deals and compromises spawned it, no matter what debates, recriminations and posturings preceded it, there it is, done deal, fait accompli, in writing and therefore crystallized for history: the very first, completely all-encompassi
How Bigotry & Wild Horses Can Both Get Someone Hurt
I grew up around horses. My family raised them, cared for them, rode them, bred them, trained them, bought and sold them. Back then it was even still legal to go out and catch wild horses and bring them home.
How Good People Can Become Bigots
If bigotry were simple, we would have already solved it. But it isn’t and we haven’t. So here’s a look at the roots of bigotry from a Scientology point of view.
How it Felt to Be Treated Like a Nazi
When I was in third grade, I had a teacher who despised me. It wasn't because of anything I'd done to her, and it wasn't that I was a difficult student. In fact, I loved learning, was an avid reader, and was pretty social, so school was a perfect fit. Except for Mrs. Goldwitch.
How to Triumph over Hate: Flourish and Prosper
You may have heard about the recent wave of hate crimes sweeping our nation. Crimes against Muslims in New York were up 50 percent over last year, according to and more than 1,000 hate crimes were committed in the last few months, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center .
How Young Is Too Young to Learn About Bigotry?
I was moved by a recent articulate, thoughtful article about how to prepare your children for the evil that exists in the world. As a parent myself I’ve been blessed to experience the kind of unconditional love that one feels for one’s child.
I Met a Scorpion Today
There are two versions of a well-known fable you might have heard. In the first one, a scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung by the scorpion, but the scorpion explains that he wouldn’t sting the frog, for if he did, he would drown too.
I Will Not Tolerate Hatred
I have been a Scientologist for over fifteen years, and very publicly so. In working with my church and its members I am surrounded by some of the most decent, friendly, intelligent, helpful, caring, hardworking (and did I mention funny and charming?) incredible people I have ever known.
In Spite of Everything
The defacing of a public monument is a despicable crime in and of itself. But when the target is a beloved figure like Anne Frank—as happened recently at the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial—and when the motivation is clearly anti-Semitism, acts of defilement reach a whole new low.