CounterPunch Deals the Gateway Drug to Bigotry

In the past two months CounterPunch has printed two articles about two different subjects by two different authors, Ben Debney and Louis Proyect, both of whom injected a slur on the religion of Scientology at the end of a sentence in order to emphasize some point they were making on a totally unrelated matter. 

Protest against hate
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My religion, a world movement involving real flesh and blood people, many of whom selflessly give their time to help others, is not a figure of speech. Nor is it an interjection, a simile or a punch line.

Moronic derision is a gateway drug to bigotry. 

Reducing hundreds of thousands of sincere individuals to a sneering allusion at the end of a snide put-down is not journalism, nor is it even writing. It’s propaganda, pure and simple. Without bothering to give a basis for their canards, Debney and Proyect smugly assume the reader will agree with their comparison; or if they didn’t before, they will now, because, after all, the reader is privileged to be experiencing “America’s Best Political Newsletter,” as CounterPunch describes itself.

Moronic derision is a gateway drug to bigotry. Debney and Proyect, by their infantile schoolyard antics have demonstrated that they’ve already passed through that gateway, and CounterPunch, to its shame, has provided their bigotry a platform.

John Evans
John Evans has written for theater and the big screen. His essays, fiction and poetry have appeared in several publications on the East and West Coasts.