David Edgar Love
Love filed a stream of manufactured complaints with government agencies and private organizations in Canada, hoping to be paid off to stop the attacks.
David Edgar Love
Demanded $225,000 to stop his continual and knowingly unwarranted attacks on Narconon drug rehabilitation facilities.
David Edgar Love
Love’s daughter described him as “delusional and paranoid” as a result of his long history of continual drug abuse.

David Edgar Love

After completing the Narconon drug rehabilitation program in April 2009, following a lifetime of drug abuse, addiction and criminality, David Love stated that he felt he had the opportunity “to completely turn my hopeless life around and begin to give back by helping others.”

For six months he worked as a Narconon staff member, but unwilling to maintain the ethical standards required, he soon reverted to a life of crime. One day, with no word to family or co-workers, Love abruptly abandoned his job and the center, taking with him “big garbage bags of documents in the misguided hope that he could extort money from the group that had saved his life. 

Love filed spurious suits against Narconon and the Church demanding extortionate sums in the vain hope that one or the other would give in and pay him to stop his attacks.

Four days later Love appeared at a Narconon center in Montreal with a TV camera crew in tow and launched his money-driven campaign against the organization that had tried to help him. He began by posting to Internet blogs and online media fabricated stories about his experiences at Narconon  He joined the cyberterrorists Anonymous in demonstrations at Narconon centers in the United States and Canada.

Anonymous later provided Love direct financial support for his campaign of hate and disinformation. Love later said, “I wouldn’t have survived without Anonymous.”

In 2010 Love began to file a stream of manufactured complaints with government agencies and private organizations in Canada. That same year, Love wrote to attorneys for Narconon explaining that he was willing to cease his prodding of “numerous government and private investigations” in exchange for payment. Love demanded $225,000 to stop his attacks. When Narconon refused, Love immediately stepped up his anti-Narconon campaign not only in Canada but also in the United States.

In April 2012, Love connected with hate-blogger Tony Ortega. In an article that later appeared, Love said he had turned his attention to the Narconon flagship center in Oklahoma. “I’m going to go down there and shut it down. I don’t care what it takes,” he bragged.

Love continued his profiteering campaign against Narconon, expanding it to include the Church of Scientology. Obligingly, Ortega and a handful of anti-Scientology websites provided Love a forum for his vitriolic hate speech.

Love’s one-man campaign against Narconon and Scientology is nothing less than a blatant and criminal attempt at extortion, not surprising to those who know him best. Love’s daughter wrote: “What my father is famous for doing is taking a grain of sand of the truth and exaggerating it to suit his needs. He has been doing this all his life, and after having an addiction to street drugs for as long as David has had, it makes one delusional and paranoid.”

One such example is a 2013 incident in Arizona where Love was staying with a female friend. In the midst of an argument that Love admitted was fueled by alcohol, he called 911. The 6’2”, 195-pound Love claimed that his petite 5’3”, 125-pound partner had so intimidated him that he urgently needed police intervention. At the end of the call, though, Love forgot to disconnect his phone and the 911 operator recorded him instantly changing into a tough-talking thug who used the f-word 195 times in threatening the woman. So when the police arrived, rather than booking his girlfriend, they cited Love and took him to police headquarters.

Behind Love’s rants is a man without the integrity or courage to pull himself up and end a lifetime of deceit, criminality and substance abuse. Instead, he feeds off a small coterie of anti-religious bigots willing to provide him a forum to strike back at those who once tried to help him.

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