Leah Remini Stands by Convicted Rapist and Fellow Anti-Scientologist Paul Haggis
As Paul Haggis racks up $10 million in damages to victims, Leah Remini continues to stand by the convicted rapist. Leah Remini championed the fellow anti-Scientologist and convicted rapist both in the press and on the witness stand. “It is Paul who is the victim here,” she testified last week.
Paul Haggis: From Crash to Burn
My purpose here isn’t to examine and comment on #MeToo per se—social media and the press are doing a good job of that. My premise is to put one particular worm under the microscope—a “maggot named Haggis.”
Paul Haggis, One of Anti-Scientologist Leah Remini’s “People,” Arrested for Aggravated Sexual Violence
After victim-shaming the four women who spoke out against his sexual violence, Leah Remini described Haggis as “truly a gentleman.”
11 Rights Groups Support Accuser in Paul Haggis Rape Case
Initially filed by Ms. Breest on December 15, 2017, the lawsuit accuses Haggis of abusing his position as a member of the “Hollywood elite” to rape a woman less than half his age.
Backpage Enabler Tony Ortega Skates on Thin Ice
Nat Hentoff, the iconic journalist who had written for the publication since 1958 and was revered as “The Voice of the Voice,” was among the many staff terminations. In 2008, Ortega fired Hentoff via telephone.
Paul Haggis Can’t Hide Behind Leah Remini in Rape Case
Haggis’s few defenders are led by the notorious bigot Leah Remini and her TV lapdog, Mike Rinder. Not only did they grant Haggis a forum from which to profane a religion Haggis dabbled in decades earlier, but in January this year they jumped to his defense with a fawning appeal for sympathy.