Leah Remini Stands by Convicted Rapist and Fellow Anti-Scientologist Paul Haggis 

As Paul Haggis racks up $10 million in damages to victims, Leah Remini continues to stand by the convicted rapist.

Leah Remini championed the fellow anti-Scientologist and convicted rapist both in the press and on the witness stand.

“It is Paul who is the victim here,” she testified last week.

Leah Remini and Paul Haggis

Leah Remini described Haggis as:

  • “A good man who has been a friend to us and so many others”
  • “A gentle man, with impeccable manners and a generous heart” and
  • “Truly a gentleman”

As reported by the New York Times, jurors found Haggis “forced [his victim] to give him oral sex, penetrated her digitally and proceeded to rape her.”

When Haggis’ multiple accusers originally came forward, Remini victim-shamed them and called them liars—prompting one to speak out in The Hollywood Reporter and condemn Remini’s efforts to silence Haggis’ victims.  

Leah Remini is the only female vociferously shaming women and defending rapists in the Me Too movement.

Members of the media should ask Leah Remini why she continues to stand with convicted rapist Paul Haggis.