Paul Haggis, One of Anti-Scientologist Leah Remini’s “People,” Arrested for Aggravated Sexual Violence

On June 19, 2022, Paul Haggis was arrested in Ostuni, Italy on charges of aggravated sexual violence after a young woman accused him of forcing her to engage in sexual intercourse over two days before abandoning her at an airport.

Prosecutors stated the woman was “forced to seek medical care” after the “non-consensual” sexual relations.

Anti-Scientologists Paul Haggis and Leah Remini. After victim-shaming the four women who spoke out against his sexual violence, Leah Remini described Haggis as “truly a gentleman.”

Haggis, an anti-Scientologist, has a history of promiscuity and violence. He assaulted his adult sister, Kathy Haggis, throwing her against a door and kicking her from behind.

In December 2017, after Haggis referred publicly to Harvey Weinstein as a predator and condemned those who protected and colluded with him, publicist Haleigh Breest filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Haggis, detailing how Haggis forced 26-year-old Breest to perform oral sex on him, fondled her and then violently raped her. She stated Haggis’ hypocrisy in his comments about Weinstein drove her to come forward and file the suit.

Three other women then came forward, telling of how Haggis forced himself on each of them.

In an effort to silence Breest, Haggis immediately sued her. In her lawyer’s words, “The only thing worse than raping a woman is raping her, then suing her.”

Three other women then came forward, telling of how Haggis forced himself on each of them. One worked on a television show with Haggis and described Haggis attacking her in her office, threatening her career, forcing her to give him oral sex and then raping her.

Anti-Scientologist Leah Remini, who calls Haggis one of “her people,” victim-shamed the women who came forward about his sexual violence, asserting Haggis was a “gentleman and humanitarian.” “Like all of us, Paul Haggis is not perfect,” she wrote. “Unlike a lot of us, he is truly a gentleman.”

According to Italian prosecutors who saw to Haggis’ detainment on June 19, the victim was found by airport staff in “precarious physical and psychological conditions.” The New York Times reported: “She was then brought to a hospital where she was treated following a protocol used in Italy for victims of violence against women; she subsequently reported the violence to the police.”