journalistic ethics

It’s Official: Roger Friedman Is a “Hardcore” Bigot
Roger Friedman, a citizen responsible for the blog Showbiz411, has officially removed his mask and uncovered himself as an anti-religious bigot.
Journalism and Free Speech: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
What if, every time journalism that marginalized religious communities came to our attention, we called it out?
New York Magazine’s Kerry Howley Should Know Better
Times change, modes change, targets change, but hatred and marginalization manage to find their outlets. Kerry Howley’s article is proof.
The “Other” Scientology—Why People No Longer Trust the News
According to a recent Gallup Poll, mistrust of news and information sources is at an all-time high. In the U.S., only 9 percent of those surveyed have a “great deal” of trust in mass media. Thirty-three percent have “none at all. ” Americans Remain Distrustful of Mass Media (gallup.
The Vancouver Sun Will Print Religious Bigotry, So Long as It’s “Opinion”
Where does The Vancouver Sun get off with this outrageous and hilarious-if-it-wasn’t-so-dangerous editorial policy?
Washington Post Editors Give Platform to Anti-Scientology Hate Speech
The Washington Post’s failure to abide by its own published standards is a disservice to every honest journalist seeking to inform and empower the public with truth.
Why Bigoted A360 Media Tabloids Should Meet Their End, and Soon
Regardless of the form, such scandalmongers pander to some of the baser human traits, the thirst for gossip, rumor and bad news about your neighbor. And I believe even their readers know these publications are of less than no benefit to humankind.
MEDIA WATCH, Come on, the Hypocrisy is at Your Door
Your mean-spirited article only served to reflect your attitude toward a very talented actress who made a strong and poignant statement in support of women in her acceptance speech.
Discriminatory Rhetoric in DKODING
DKODING has since removed all anti-Scientology content from the offending article.
Hate Speech in Man’s World India
Man’s World India has since removed all anti-Scientology content from the offending article.