anti-Scientology bigotry

Business Post’s Catherine Healy Uses Anti-Scientologists to Disparage Prominent Drug Rehab
John McGhee has an extensive record of trespassing on, defacing and vandalizing Churches of Scientology in addition to verbally and physically attacking and harassing individual Scientologists.
The Vancouver Sun Will Print Religious Bigotry, So Long as It’s “Opinion”
Where does The Vancouver Sun get off with this outrageous and hilarious-if-it-wasn’t-so-dangerous editorial policy?
Letter to Power Line Concerning Anti-Scientology Slur
Power Line has since removed all anti-Scientology content from the offending article.
In Biased Article Sourced to Anti-Scientologists, SBS’ Steve Trask Disseminates Bigotry
Those Trask defames are Australian Scientologists who have selflessly given of their time and resources to ensure children learn their fundamental human rights, at-risk youth get the truth about drugs and those struggling with illiteracy gain tools to finally learn.
Hate for Hire: The Yashar Ali Story
What is unknown is what kind of deal Ali may have cut with Leah Remini.
Deadbeat Anti-Scientologist Yashar Ali Dumped by His Own Lawyer
It seems likely Freedman is yet another victim of Ali’s refusal to fulfill his obligations.
Rabid Bigot Leah Remini Feigns Affability as Damage Control for Destroyed Image
Remini is a self-described “horrible” person and “a monster.”
The Sun Treats Us to Its Version of an Expert on Religion: John Lennon’s Murderer
None of this is anything new. The Sun has always been undeterred by integrity, unintimidated by honesty and unimpressed by the truth.
Fact vs. Fiction: The Sergio Gil Story
Sergio Gil is an anti-Scientologist who makes lunatic claims in order to feed his narcissism and accomplish his bigoted agenda.