Fact vs. Fiction: The Sergio Gil Story 

Sergio Gil is an anti-Scientologist who makes lunatic claims in order to feed his narcissism and accomplish his bigoted agenda. Gil’s ludicrous anti-Scientology stories have been investigated over and over by law enforcement and have been found baseless on every occasion.

Sergio Gil

Gil begged his father to let him join the Church’s religious order in 1993 and Gil was expelled from the Church in 2015 for gross misconduct. 

Gil has a criminal record for theft.

Where Gil once debased himself by telling unhinged, self-contradictory stories to tabloid media in a desperate bid for attention, he is today a professional harasser who films himself screaming at people on the street in order to create footage for YouTube.

False Claims of Forced Labor 

Gil claims he was “forced to” join the Church of Scientology’s religious order, the Sea Organization, against his will at age 13, and that he was “a victim of human trafficking.”


As Gil handwrote in answer to a question in a survey, he actually joined the Sea Organization at age 15—two years after he claimed—and because he “wanted to help.”

In a signed affidavit, Gil wrote: “In December 1993 I decided to work full time for the Church of Scientology.”

In fact, Gil begged his father to let him join the Sea Organization at age 14, but his father would not grant permission until Gil was a more experienced Scientologist.

After leaving the Sea Organization, Gil remained a Scientologist for over 10 years.

Gil fills out a questionnaire with the exact date he joined the Sea Organization and why, undermining his later claims to the contrary. (The questionnaire includes Gil’s birthdate, indicating he joined the Sea Organization at age 15.)

Absurd Human Trafficking Fabrication 

Gil told the Clearwater Police Department that the Church had underground tunnels through which it trafficked 300 minors and 700 adults per day.


Setting aside the ridiculous scale and scope of the outlandish claim that over a quarter million children were being trafficked through underground tunnels in Clearwater, Florida, police investigated and found the “allegations could not be supported or validated by physical evidence or witness testimony.”

Needless to say, the case was closed because, of course, no such tunnels existed and Gil had lied.

A 2021 Clearwater Police Department investigative supplement documents that Sergio Gil’s complaint was dismissed for lack of evidence. 

Outrageous Rape Allegations

Gil made scandalous allegations of “rape.”


Police thoroughly investigated Gil’s outrageous claims and closed the case. “There was no evidence to support his allegations,” the police report read.

Gil told law enforcement that he needed to file a police report on the matter in order to get onto a TV show.

Gil shopped his anti-Scientology story to the Tampa Bay Times, who carefully reviewed his claims and refused to publish them, stating they “didn’t meet our standards.”

Police report
Case closed
A Clearwater Police Department investigative supplement documents that Sergio Gil’s complaint was dismissed for lack of evidence. 

Anti-Scientology Propaganda

Sergio Gil claimed he was harmed by Scientology.


Gil provided many written statements saying the exact opposite.

He wrote: “Scientology has been there for me my entire life. I don’t think that I would EVER be able to write down all the wins I’ve had because there are really just too many. But most certainly any personal success I’ve had this lifetime is backed up by the fact I’ve had Scientology.”

“I will always have total admiration and respect for the Sea Org.”

Handwritten questionnaire

In a handwritten questionnaire, Gil praises Scientology and the Sea Organization, undermining his later claims. 

Discredited Claim of Family Separation 

Gil claims his family cut ties with him after Gil came out as gay.


Gil explained to ABC that he decided “it was actually healthy for him to cut ties with anyone in the Church, including his family.” Gil said: “I say, bring on the disconnection!”

Sergio Gil