During Passover, Festival of Freedom, Antisemites Target Site of Nation’s Worst Anti-Jewish Hate Crime
This Passover, with the continued rise of antisemitism, we are reminded that there is yet another scourge that must be eradicated for all of us to truly be free: the tyranny of hate.
“Educated” Hate—Like That of NY Times’ Amanda Hess
Yes, chatty little “everyone-knows” assertions can develop into virulent violent acts of rage with the turn of a page, the click of a mouse, the frown of a doubt. So yes, let’s talk about hate. Or, on second thought, let’s not. Let’s talk about not-hate. The use of the word “hate” lets far too many people go (“Tsk. Not me.”). It’s too easy to say, “Goodness gracious, I don’t HATE those people. I just would rather my kids went to a ‘better’ school, if you know what I mean.”
Et tu, Stacey Carosi?
In one of my favorite seasons of Saved by the Bell, Zack Morris developed a summer relationship with Stacey Carosi, a tough, yet sensitive daughter of a beach club owner. One of the silver linings of the movie Old School was that it featured (at that time) a well-known Scientologist.
Everyday Actions to Combat Bigotry
Help End Religious Intolerance Wherever You Are Some of the moms I know are total superheroes, and I recently felt compelled to write about them.
Ex the Exes
Since when did we start listening to Exes? Are ex-wives, disgruntled employees, former bosses and once-great friends really the best sources of intel on history, substance or fact? My first husband and I got married two weeks out of high school. I wasn’t even pregnant or anything.
False Reports: The Insidious Force at the Bottom of Hate & Violence Against Minorities
Each of us has a responsibility to demand facts and to refuse to forward malicious lies and unproven generalities. We have an even greater responsibility to point out the good that comes with the diversity of the human race.
“Far Out” Serves Up Music Review with Antireligious Hate
In a review of a cover song by two pop icons, Far Out music critic Tyler Golsen applauds their efforts, quotes the pair’s mutual admiration as musicians and as individuals, then offers his own expert advice on the religion one of them was raised in—my religion, Scientology—in the form of a snide comment.
Fashion and Bigotry Clash in Article by Vogue’s Hamish Bowles
Fashion journalist Hamish Bowles and I were both born in the capital city of the beautiful Albion and have since set down our suitcases across the pond to indulge in the eclectic wonders of the New World.
Five Things to Know About Mike Rinder
Mike Rinder is an anti-Scientologist and former staff member of the Church of Scientology whose income comes from attacking his former religion.
Five Things to Know About Steve Hassan
Hassan is a proponent of the criminal practice of violent deprogramming—the kidnapping, psychological manipulation and physical abuse of members of minority religions.