hate speech

More Twitter Followers Turn on Yashar Ali for His Rabid Hate
Twitter followers have demanded to know what is wrong with Ali, telling him to “relax,” “calm the f down,” “stop it,” and “get a grip.”
My Scientology
I don’t need to know much about the guy who threatened Scientologists in a recent post on Facebook.
No Time for Hate
Many people don’t have the maturity to regulate their behavior or stifle the ugly and nurture the good.
Raising Our Voices—What it Means to be a STAND Member
Scientologists are, almost without exception, really nice people. That’s something you could say of most people and groups but I’m always reminded that being an above average communicator and expressing a heightened regard for other people is something most Scientologists have in common. It’s an exceptionally articulate group of people who know and speak their own minds.
Rinder & Remini’s Demonetized Anti-Scientology Podcast Now Silent for Half a Year
When back episodes of the podcast shifted to Audioboom, all Audioboom advertisers similarly fled from its anti-Scientology hate speech.
Shame on Fox for Alienating Fans & Viewers By Giving a Platform to Leah Remini’s Hate
You’ve lost me and thousands of other dedicated fans with this move.
Something’s Being Done About Hate Speech on Reddit
In an experiment designed to combat hate, Reddit shut down some of their more hateful “subreddits,” or forums dedicated to certain topics. They had no idea what would happen.
Tackling Online Hate Speech Against Religious Minorities—An Enlightening Hearing By USCIRF
No finite definitions for the terms “hate speech” and “disinformation” currently exist under international law. Social platforms must therefore dictate their own rules for the censorship of such speech and disinformation. Facebook alone is currently removing about 3 million instances of hate speech per month—or 4,000 instances per hour.
The Path to Violence Is Paved With Lies
It is not “normal” for people to hate each other because they look different, come from a different place or have different ideas about the ultimate nature of God and the universe.
UPenn Department Chair Calls Talk by Rape Apologist & Abuser of Women “Controversial” But “Important”
In an era when the world condemns sexual violence and hate against minorities, the University of Pennsylvania has made it clear it stands with bigots and abusers.