My Scientology

I don’t need to know much about the guy who threatened Scientologists in a recent post on Facebook. I already know that he’s most likely never met even one of the millions of us, never set foot inside one of our Churches, read a single page of a Scientology book, or learned anything about the truth of our religion.

Church of Scientology, New York City.

I also know that he’s gullible—a liability that’s probably been steering him wrong for years. But most screaming, red-in-the-face “antis” of anything know little of the thing they oppose.

Obviously, hatred is born in ignorance. But there are two genres of that stuff—natural or manufactured.

And along the lines of manufactured ignorance, perhaps that guy was taking a tip from Leah Remini’s recent on-air rants about the religion she was booted from for her own misconduct.

Well, what would you do if you were a member of a Church whose staff and parishioners helped you through meltdown after meltdown, transgression after worse transgression, finally wearied of your immorality and arrogance and applied Church policy to cut the cord?

Well, if you were low enough to find yourself in that situation, you probably would be low enough to hawk lies for money, too.

And while the vast majority yawn, bored with the stale, outlandish untruths, there are a few simmering “antis” waiting for another cause to oppose.

They are not some new, exotic species. They are of the same breed as the chanters in white, hooded cloaks, or the perverted human beings whose day was lifted by a good lynching.

So for the gullible whom her lies “inspire” to violence, Remini would probably just say “oops.”

For she stands to gain who-knows-how-much, capitalizing on—and betraying—the public’s profound interest in the religion she’s already spent years trying to exploit.

But for those with the good sense to recognize a madman or a con artist for what they are—you are welcome any time on, to visit a Church of Scientology, or ask your questions of a Scientologist like me.

I will be happy to get you the straight facts and you will be glad to know the truth. After all, that you didn’t believe everything anyone said, screamed or wrote is probably what got you where you are today.

Eva Band
Artist. Free thinker. Movie lover. Walt Whitman fan.