Leah Remini’s Love of Hate

It’s one thing to leave the group you’ve been part of for 30 years—a group made up of caring, selfless individuals who dedicate their lives to helping others—and quite another to vehemently and relentlessly attack it for profit. What kind of a person does that?

In this case, one who loves to hate.

Leah Remini with a hateful look on her face
Leah found something that she could do really well (hate) AND make a lot of money at the same time.

We all have our differences. As much as the media and researchers try to say we’re part of one group or another (the middle class, millennials, baby boomers, etc.), the truth is we’re all different and of course we’re not all going to see eye to eye all the time.

Stop sign that says: Stop Hate

But most of us, when we don’t agree, just move on, choose another path or actually try to work it out so both sides are happy. In the end, we just want to get along with others. I’m not suggesting everything is always grand and nice (it isn’t) but I am saying that most of us don’t—when we disagree with something—make it our career.

Well, not Leah. She was part of a group she called her friends for some 30 years, and at some point, for some reason, she decided to leave.

And then she didn’t do what most of us—or probably 99% of us—would do. No, Leah is someone who loves to make fun of others (she calls it “humor”) and to complain and throw hate around. So Leah found something that she could do really well (hate) AND make a lot of money at the same time.

TV image

We need to remember, reality TV shows are planned and scripted and their stars earn substantial incomes. Magazines don’t put anyone on their covers out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s always done for money: to sell magazines.

And unfortunately in our world, hate still sells. And Leah’s figured out how to enrich herself in this debased commerce.

Yes, in a perfect world, only truth would sell, and love would reign, but we’re far from that—all to Leah’s financial benefit.

Sean Burke
Author. Creator of two awesome nonprofits. Radio show host. Entrepreneur. Dad. Husband to the same amazing woman for 27 years. Scientologist. Lover of travel. Patriot.