Are Scientologists Told What to Think?
That idea is especially ridiculous because, as a person studies and applies Scientology to more and more areas of life, their ability to think analytically and rationally and make positive decisions becomes easier and easier. The entire purpose of Scientology is to bring about everything that’s best and brightest and most capable in a person while getting rid of anything and everything that might be holding them back.
Reader Beware: Fake News Is Cheap and Easy
The data is fascinating and rather unnerving at the same time. In about an hour’s time, Mr. King created a fake news website, put together a fake news story by re-using a popular one he had seen, created a fake news page on Facebook, created a fake ad promoting the fake news from his fake page, targeted the ad to the groups most likely to salivate over it, specified his budget of about $50.00 and then clicked “place order.”
Do Scientologists Believe in Aliens?
For the record, I’ve been a Scientologist for over thirty years, and so far no one in the church has ever inquired about my belief in aliens or insisted—or even recommended—that I “believe.”
European Court of Human Rights Again Upholds Religious Freedom, Handing Down Victory for the Church of Scientology
The Church of Scientology has to date won every case it has brought before the ECHR to protect the rights of its members to freely practice their religion in the Russian territory.
How Eric Idle Dropped Me as His Biggest Fan Because I’m a Scientologist
I’d like to share what it’s like to have a celebrity—someone you have admired and been a fan of your whole life—suddenly and very publicly turn against you for no other reason than your religion.
Is Scientology an Investment?
When it comes up in conversation with someone that I’m a Scientologist, I usually say to the person: “…and you’re welcome to ask me anything you like about it.” People almost always take me up on the offer.
Is “Tolerance” in Hollywood a Myth? Ask a Scientologist
Imagine you’re Hollywood. You’re not like everyone else. You’re passionate about your causes; about injustice and the relentless pace of climate change. You consider yourself tolerant. Liberal. Progressive, even. You oppose anti-Semitism in all its forms.
Leah Remini: Without Scientology “I Would Probably Be an Animal”
It’s an eye-opener to discover that Leah Remini’s “Premath” had an entirely different script. Before Remini unleashed a salvo of abuse and hatred against her former religion on her now dead-and-buried “Aftermath” show, she held the opposite position.
Religion: The Price of Being “Different”
What are these people so afraid of? That Jehovah’s Witnesses are personally attacking them by handing them copies of The Watchtower? That a man in a turban is going to change the fabric of the City Council? That Mormons will make them look bad by being too moral? That a Muslim real estate agent is a terrorist? That a Scientologist might poison their minds with The Way to Happiness? The list could go on.
Religion: What’s the Point?
Religion is like marriage: there’s so much to criticize about it, yet people still want to tie the knot. Marriage is designed to fulfill a need: the need for companionship, solace and pleasure in the pursuit of posterity. Clearly, we need it.