Assuming the Best of Our Muslim Neighbors
The following conclusion to Presumed Guilty: Why We Shouldn’t Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism is republished here with gratitude to the book ’s author, Todd Green — a nationally recognized expert on Islamophobia who served as a Franklin Fellow at the U.S.
Car Crashes and Nut Jobs
I have some non-Scientologist friends who will hit me up when some new “exposé” rehashes ancient disproven allegations or some once-celebrity grasps for a bit of former spotlight by trying to sling mud at Church staff members or high-profile parishioners.
Catholicism in the Age of Scandal
Damning headlines and unforgivable scandal have, in recent times, become synonymous in the media with the Catholic Church, and I admire and applaud the journalists and survivors who have been brave enough to share their stories and demand justice. But the mistakes and sins of those responsible, even (and maybe especially) those at the highest level, are not Catholicism and are not religion.
Et tu, Stacey Carosi?
In one of my favorite seasons of Saved by the Bell, Zack Morris developed a summer relationship with Stacey Carosi, a tough, yet sensitive daughter of a beach club owner. One of the silver linings of the movie Old School was that it featured (at that time) a well-known Scientologist.
The Urban Redneck
There is no other way to put this: If you believe and repeat the corporate-owned media narrative on Scientology (and pretty much anything else), you are ignorant. Sorry. You just might be an Urban Redneck.
In a World Dominated by Stereotype, MPAC Celebrates Muslim Authenticity
What I saw was a recognition of the best kind of inclusion: a collection of movies, TV shows, and press coverage where Muslims are not necessarily the story (although in two of the films, they are) but who, in their portions of the stories, are depicted as they are: human beings—not necessarily perfect human beings, but real ones.
Resolutions—For the Media & the Rest of Us
I resolve to remove all adjectives in referring to a religion or group.
The Biggest Secret About Scientology
I won't get into how it was, but one day I was sitting in a hotel in Siberia, downing a few vodka shots with Misha, the owner. We were having a polite argument about what life was actually like in America.
The Boogeyman Factory
War is sold by a handful of madmen on the basis that every citizen of the enemy country spends every waking minute slobbering at the prospect of personally destroying you, your family and all your friends.
The Media: “We Have Met The Enemy And It Is Us”
Every time you share a meme or a column or a podcast or a video that you like or agree with, YOU become media.