An Open Farewell Letter to the Makers of Family Guy
Your recent mentions of Scientology make Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” look like the World Book Encyclopedia.
“Far Out” Serves Up Music Review with Antireligious Hate
In a review of a cover song by two pop icons, Far Out music critic Tyler Golsen applauds their efforts, quotes the pair’s mutual admiration as musicians and as individuals, then offers his own expert advice on the religion one of them was raised in—my religion, Scientology—in the form of a snide comment.
Stafford County, Virginia, Exhumes Its Own Bigotry. It’s Time To Bury It Again.
The Muslim community of Stafford County, Virginia, having been found in the right in the federal lawsuit, and having won its own lawsuit against the County, now as of September of this year, has its cemetery. In all, Stafford County spent five years and $900,000—$400,000 in court costs and $500,000 in a settlement to the AMAA.
The Ignorance of Ignorance
“Not ignorance, but the ignorance of ignorance is the death of knowledge.” - Alfred North Whitehead My first year of teaching I had a realization that helped me throughout my years as a classroom teacher, and life in general. I was warned about Jimmy, my fourth grade student.
Tolerance: Why You Should Acknowledge What You Don’t Know
The truth is, maybe you and I don’t know all about it. And the next time we think we do, let’s take a good, hard look instead.
Daily Mail bigotry—not new
I read your story of the missing Mrs. Renata Antczak in a recent Daily Mail. You may know nothing of Scientology, but an attempt to jab at it while reporting on a totally unrelated matter serves only to expose your ignorance and bigoted attitude toward my religion.
Country & Town House Abusing Scientology’s Good Name
Ours is a thriving, popular, 21st-century religion that has expanded and flourished during its 67 years of existence. In fact you include the word Scientology in your article for no plausible reason. So you abuse our good name to gain illicit profit. Shame on you.
Ignorance is bliss—that is, until you get the facts
I read your 10 documentaries to binge-watch on Netflix in CNN Philippines, and have just one question: how many Churches of Scientology have you been to? I would be willing to wager that you never set foot in one.