“Far Out” Serves Up Musical Review with Antireligious Hate

In a review of a cover song by two pop icons, Far Out music critic Tyler Golsen applauds their efforts, quotes the pair’s mutual admiration as musicians and as individuals, then offers his own expert advice on the religion one of them was raised in—my religion, Scientology—in the form of a snide comment.

Photo by Unikyluckk/Shutterstock.com

Golsen’s expertise as a music historian of the 70s disco pop scene moving forward to the current American indie experience; his knowledge of and ability to compare one group of one era to others of different eras; and his chops on recognizing how one style can morph into another on the same musical piece, are exceeded only by his utter knuckleheadedness on the subjects of tolerance and theology.

With one arrogantly stupid and hateful remark, Tyler Golsen not only undercuts himself as an appreciator of music, as an arbiter of good taste and as a level-headed human being, but opens up his publication as a platform for bigotry, as well.

“Far Out” indeed.

John Evans
John Evans has written for theater and the big screen. His essays, fiction and poetry have appeared in several publications on the East and West Coasts.