Five Things to Know About Mike Rinder
Mike Rinder is an anti-Scientologist and former staff member of the Church of Scientology whose income comes from attacking his former religion.
iHeart CEO Bob Pittman Continues to Greenlight Hate
Though advertisers have fled from a podcast that violates iHeart’s terms of service, CEO Bob Pittman continues greenlighting the streaming of hate.
NBC 12 Forsakes Facts for Clickbait Hate
It’s time for the staff of 12 News—and all other platforms still purveying discrimination—to step up as journalists or step out as the bigots they are.
New York Magazine’s Kerry Howley Should Know Better
Times change, modes change, targets change, but hatred and marginalization manage to find their outlets. Kerry Howley’s article is proof.
Obsessed with Hate: Disgraced Reporter Yashar Ali Tries to Make Bigotry Look Humanitarian
In 2021, Ali described that his goal with the Scientology religion was “to have the whole thing shut down.”
Tony Ortega—Anti-Scientology Puppet with a Blog
Ortega claims to work under the umbrella of journalism. In fact, he’s an internet tabloid blogger at the hire of anti-Scientologists, and he writes what his clients order. Since 2013, Ortega has been in the service of virulent anti-Scientologist Leah Remini and her partner, Mike Rinder—both expelled from the Church for antisocial and criminal conduct, respectively, and both of whom turned to making a living off their vendetta against the Church and its leader.
Washington Post Editors Give Platform to Anti-Scientology Hate Speech
The Washington Post’s failure to abide by its own published standards is a disservice to every honest journalist seeking to inform and empower the public with truth.
What Being a Mother Is All About: Making a Better World
I encourage others—through their own actions and those they teach their children—to do the same: rid the world of hate and bigotry.
Anti-Scientology Slur in has since removed the offensive content from the article.
Hate & Lies Have No Place on
As Spin is about celebrating what is great in music—not targeting, marginalizing or demonizing members of a religion or minority group—I am sure you would agree this type of content has no place on your website.