Five Things to Know About Mike Rinder
Mike Rinder is an anti-Scientologist and former staff member of the Church of Scientology whose income comes from attacking his former religion.
Tony Ortega—Anti-Scientology Puppet with a Blog
Ortega claims to work under the umbrella of journalism. In fact, he’s an internet tabloid blogger at the hire of anti-Scientologists, and he writes what his clients order. Since 2013, Ortega has been in the service of virulent anti-Scientologist Leah Remini and her partner, Mike Rinder—both expelled from the Church for antisocial and criminal conduct, respectively, and both of whom turned to making a living off their vendetta against the Church and its leader.
Hate & Lies Have No Place on
As Spin is about celebrating what is great in music—not targeting, marginalizing or demonizing members of a religion or minority group—I am sure you would agree this type of content has no place on your website.
Mercury News, Quit the Bigoted Rumormongering
You will be the undeserving subject of ridicule someday. It will feel unfair. You will wonder why anyone could get away with lying about you. Then perhaps you will recognize that, as a news source, you’ve done the same thing to others.
NY Post Exploits Tragedy to Promote Hate
A family is grieving so you choose an antireligious campaigner as a “source” on this family and their beliefs. Your piece is a non-sequitur of the basest order. The words “obscene” and “repugnant” also come to mind.
Your Coverage Is Despicable, Mercury News
I hope you will look at this for what it is: the exploitation of a horrible tragedy to spew hatred—something that doesn’t belong in our world.
Dr. Oz Corrects the Record
“When you interview an anti-Semite, you will get an anti-Semitic narrative. It is no different with Scientology. That such religious bigotry would ever be allowed on television is a disgrace, and public figures like Dr. Oz have a responsibility to exercise far greater discretion in selecting whose ‘information’ they put before their viewers.”