In Unanimous Decision, Supreme Court Protects Religious Rights of Workers
The U.S. Supreme Court sided with Gerald Groff, a devout Christian who had been ordered to work on Sunday, the Sabbath.
It’s Easy to Knock Religion
I recently came across this piece and found it to be a beautiful, uplifting and timely response by Rabbi Marc Gellman to a bigoted question about religion.
Are Christians Right to Protest Netflix’s “First Temptation of Christ”?
I made it 31 minutes in, to the scene that managed to insult Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Rastafarianism, and yes, even managed to throw in multiple jabs at Scientology.
Bigotry—I Just Won’t Do That Anymore
That’s the importance of religion, to me. And I know it’s true because I experienced it at that interfaith meeting. And this changed my mind and heart about ever bashing or putting down another’s faith.
Christianity Is Not Responsible for the Acts of One Insane Man
It’s human nature to want to understand things. Our relentless curiosity is what drives us forward as individuals and as a culture. Most people take it for granted that the present is a more enlightened age than any previous one, the idea being that we are constantly evolving and improving.
Faith in Action: Why Better Religion Is the Answer to “Bad” Religion
Real, authentic faith inspires acts of love and uplift.
How I Feel About the Founder of My Religion: L. Ron Hubbard
Mr. Hubbard, above all else, was genuinely interested in other people—in their happiness and success and ability to know and understand and appreciate the beauty of life.
“Innocents Abroad” and What Mark Twain Can Teach Us About Faith
Faith is spiritual, not physical. Faith exists in the minds, hearts and souls of those who embrace it. So physical proof of the existence of faith is not only impossible, it is unnecessary.
Is Man Just Another Animal? (A Scientologist’s Perspective)
I grew up in the 1950s and ‘60s with the science versus religion debate in full swing. It was and is, the major philosophical argument of the modern era and I found both sides electrifying and puzzling at the same time.
Is Man Just Another Animal? Part 2: Loss of Spirituality and Increase of Dementia
The immortality of the soul is certainly a crucial and integral part of the belief systems of most if not all religions. And rightfully so.