NY Times’ Margaret Lyons Promotes Hate & Extremism
We are shocked, appalled and disturbed that the Times would permit itself to be used as a megaphone for discrimination, intolerance and extremism in the year 2020.
Entertainment Reporter Sam Rubin Infects KTLA Audiences with Antireligious Prejudice & Hate
“This type of behavior is grossly unacceptable at any time, let alone when we daily see the effects of hate speech across our nation. KTLA should be mortified and appalled, and the station should join the ranks of responsible media outlets who condemn such ignorant, destructive rhetoric and apologize to the thousands they have offended.”
Daily Beast’s Tarpley Hitt Targets Business Owner on Basis of Religion
Using rhetoric disturbingly akin to Nazi propaganda “outing” Jews and depicting them as nefarious, Hitt’s article blatantly seeks to dehumanize Scientologists and spread hate. Hitt writes about the religion’s “influence” and “involvement” in the business in question because several of its staff are members of the Church of Scientology.
“The Ringer” Promotes Hate & Violence Against Minorities
Simmons, whose organization came under fire this summer for its lack of diversity and inclusion, responded to a question on the matter by flippantly stating “this isn’t Open Mic Night” and that The Ringer was a business. Met with outrage, Simmons assured, “We’re going to do better.”
Wendy Williams Fuels Anti-Scientology Disinformation & Hate
“That Wendy Williams would amplify Leah Remini’s campaign to harm, harass and victimize a religion’s members is unconscionable. It is thanks to the ignorance and irresponsibility of enablers like Williams that Scientologists have endured violent threats prompted by Remini’s false and inflammatory rhetoric.
Let’s Make This a Season of Unrequited Hate
“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” —Buddha
Do You Have the Courage Not to Hate?
All these thoughts led me to a revised message for the back window of that car. One that might make an impact.
Are Your Advertisers as Supportive of Bigotry as Your Writers, Newsweek?
STAND calls out Newsweek's continuous pattern of anti-religious bigotry.
The Leap of Faith That Banishes Hate
We all still live and love under the same sun, moon and stars, though our prayers may differ, as well as our aspired-to heavens.
The Horrors of Hate—A Tribute to Those Who Died Too Young
Groups do not bleed. Generalities do not bleed. People do.