Fox News’ Julius Young Forwards Anti-Scientology Bigotry & Extremism

Fox News
Photo by Maria Sbytova/

In a December 18 article on Fox News, entertainment reporter Julius Young quotes from a hate rant of anti-Scientology extremist Leah Remini—one posted on the blog of sex-trafficking promoter Tony Ortega. 

Though Scientology Volunteer Ministers across the globe risked their health to reach out to their communities and distribute more than 5 million educational booklets in 21 languages to help others stay well, Young was more interested in Remini’s marginalizing rhetoric and lies about members of the minority religion. 

“Quoting Leah Remini on the subject of Scientologists or their religion is no different than quoting a white supremacist about Jews or their faith,” said National STAND Director Bari Berger. “Racism is racism, anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism, Islamophobia is Islamophobia and hate is hate. Young’s ignorant coverage gives a platform to lies and targets Scientologists for their religion. Such discrimination has no place in 2020.”